Fabric Stash Report

The fabric stash numbers took a bit of a hit since I added in all the fabrics for my Loopy Academy projects this week.  So eight yards of fabric have been added in.

fabupdae But still have 43 yards less in the stash than I started the year with so that’s progress in my book – along with the fact that I’ve obviously been sewing a bit more this year since I have sewn up 95.5 yards so far.  I was hoping to double that  by the end of the year but don’t know if that will happen.


20150913_1Here’s my Loopy Academy supplies.   The two fabrics at the bottom of the right hand stack (the pale one which is a very light aqua print and the one that looks solid) were actually bought to be used for the drawstring bag Academy requirement.  But they go so well with the rest of the fabrics that I may add some of them into my placemats.

The black and tan stuff at the top of the photo is for the Winer Wonderland wall hanging – I’m going to add to it to make it larger but first I need to get the design transferred over to the fabric so I can start doing the embroidery.  Here’s a closer view of the stitchery design.