WI Quilt Expo and On the Needles Report

Okay – first as promised last night, I finally took the photos of my knitting project.   My sweater from my Loopy Legend yarn is moving along slowly since I’ve been working on Loopy Academy projects.  I’ve got about 4-5″ of the back done but it’s not that exciting to look at so didn’t take a photo.

I am very excited about my Loopy Academy pillow project.

20150912_7I’ve got nine of the thirteen “petals” done — but clearly was falling asleep last night as I worked on that las petal because I can see where I need to fix something so will have to rip part of that one back.     Originally I was going to put this design on one side of my pillow and a second design on the back.  I’m actually how thinking I may make two separate pillows but I have to see what my yardage is after finishing one pillow top.  I am really enjoying knitting this – quick short rows of intarsia which is really easy to do.    I haven’t worked any more on the cowl from the last photo I had posted of that since if I wasn’t working on this pillow, I was working on the final clues of the Summer’s End MKAL.   I’ve just got the final clue to complete and then I’ll post a photo of that.

A couple hours of this a.m. were spent having breakfast with a friend and then we went to the WI Quilt Expo. Lots of great quilts of all kinds.  The best of show winner was absolutely stunning and phenomenal quilting.  So after a stroll through the quilts and a stop to get a large soda that cost more than a 12-pack of soda (my one complaint about the venue has always been the cost of getting a soda and I forgot to stick my water bottle in my bag) — but then after a resting of the feet and a bit of people watching, I took a quilt walk up and down the vendor rows.  Having just had to move all that fabric around in my sewing room due to the water heater leakage, I really was not looking to buy fabric. 😉  And actually only bought one thing — well two packages of the same thing but in different colors.

SILLaser cut fusible snowflakes.  They are batik fabrics.

Finally, after all the tree skirts I have made for friends and family over the years, I’m going to make one for me.  It will be very simple (after all it’s under the tree so not a lot of it will show) so I will either get just one pretty batik fabric to put these on or maybe do some simple piecing and then put them on.  In any event – they were my splurge at the quilt expo.

It actually feels like a fall day here — it had been upper 80s and very humid last week and today – it probably is in the mid 60s right now but it was in the 50s when I left the house this morning and breezy and sunny and a gorgeous blue sky with fluffy clouds floating along.  My perfect fall day (and of course everyone who was complaining how hot and sticky it was last week is complaining how cold it is today — go figure).  I would be so happy if it would stay like this for the next three months – I love fall.

Okay – enough rambling – a load of laundry to start, and I think I’ll go rest my weary walking feet (those cement floor exhibit halls are so hard on the feet and knees) and do a little bit of knitting before I go finish the rest of the cleaning I wanted to do today.


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  1. That pillow will be great! Such a neat pattern (says the crocheter). I will look forward to see what your “simple” tree skirt will look like. I plan on going to the AQS show in Des Moines this year. I bet I don’t do as well as you! Last one I went to I signed up for a BOM that I am still working on. Not because I don’t like it but I get distracted too easily, lol!

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