TGIF and EQ7s fantastic tech service

Why is it weeks where you work one less day seem longer than when you work all five days. 🙂   It was a busy week but add on top of that I was busy in the evenings too with too much to do and then add on computer problems.

I hadn’t really done much in EQ7 after the Windows 10 upgrade and thought all was okay there – not – I discovered.   But my computer was not letting me access EQ files already made or edit designs already made or create new files — you get the picture.  I was not a happy camper.

But I can honestly say that the tech support team at Electric Quilt — well they are just BLOOMIN’ BRILLIANT! and speedy.  Just a couple emails to try different things – each one getting me a step closer  since certain things would start working – and it finally came down to Windows 10 had somehow corrupted my administrator privileges/permissions.   EQs clear step-by- step directions, links to a website that showed the steps I needed to do, made it so easy to fix and I’m back in business.   They truly are a pleasure to deal with.

So now that the administrator thing is corrected (it was very annoying when it would give me error messages which said I should contact the administrator to get rights to do what I wanted when I am the only person on the computer and my account setup clearly says I’m the administrator and had the rights to do it) I do not need to see if there is an Olympic event I can enter for “laptop tossing.”  Whew!

The  dilemma now is Wisconsin Quilt Expo tomorrow — to go or not to go.  I’m heading out to breakfast with a friend and then we’ll decide if we venture there or skip it.   The sewing room is all back in order — you’d never know I had a flooded carpet, and I cleaned out and got rid of more quilt magazines and fabric scraps and now all the fabrics look so nice in their neatly stacked shelves (you know that won’t last long).   I have Loopy Academy sewing projects to keep me busy in the sewing room later this weekend – it’s so nice to work in there when I can actually see the table!

I was going to put the laundry room back in order but now they are coming next week to work on the water softener which in my opinion hasn’t worked for at least two years (in the opinion of the water softener guy we have soft water).  Yeah? Really? we must also have a miraculous self-filling salt barrel since if they look at their notes they should be able to clearly see how many deliveries of salt they did NOT have to make since it was still full. 🙂  So I’m going to wait until after they do whatever they plan to do before moping up the floor in there and moving some storage stuff back in.  (I avoided that job for the time being nicely didn’t I?)

And now that it’s nearly 8:30 p.m., I’ve sent a thank you to EQ for their excellent help and my computer is back to working tonight,  I think there just might be some ice cream in the freezer to celebrate and some knitting waiting for me.  I know it’s on the needles Friday but I’m too lazy to go get the camera and take any photos of my projects so that will wait until tomorrow. (But at least the photo program will work correctly now too since the administrator privileges fix corrected what was wrong when I tried to use my Photoshop.)