Monday Mess

I’ve been puttering on the computer most of the morning but I really need to finish cleaning out that last closet.

But first things first – design wall still looks like this

wallPatchKats still on the wall and not all the sashing added yet but at least that mess of shelves and stuff on the table got back to where it belonged yesterday.  I have to figure out where I put the rest of my sashing strips tho.  Hopefully I’ll get to some sewing later this week.




Last night I got caught up on Clue 3 to the Laura Aylor Sumer’s End MKAL.  One more clue to go which will come out later this week.  I have told myself I must finish this before starting on my Loopy Academy knitting but… Academy supplies may arrive before the next clue comes out so what’s a girl to do?!

I also got a bit more done on my sweater using one of my Loopy Legend yarns.

ggThis time I decided to try the tubular cast on that it was quite slick.  I can see using that again and I love the edge it gives to the cast on.  And having to only cast on half the stitches for a fingering weight sweater for me – a definite time saver.

It’s a rainy, dreary, humid day so best to stay indoors to play.  Off to do the final tidying in the sewing room – not much left to do – and then the coat closet and I might actually get to cleaning out the laundry room too…. but you know that I could quickly lose interest at any time and decide to go knit and watch movies instead. 😉


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