Back to work

I seriously need to go back to work because I’ve spent the last three days puttering and cleaning and while my sewing room is looking great – everything in there is where it belongs and I even got in a little quilting time – my three day weekend has gone by quickly and it was all work work work – or so it seems.

As I said, I did get some quilting got five or six more blocks of my niece’s wedding quilt quilted.  Think I only have about 4 more to go and then I can start on the border quilting.  I’d really love to have this one done by the end of the month.  Of course how that I think about it, I believe I made all the binding before I started quilting on this and in my tidying up, I don’t recall seeing the binding.  Now I have to figure out if it’s a figment of my imagination that I made it or what really safe place I put it.

As I’ve been tidying, I’ve also been watching and listening to a new Craftsy class by Amy Herzog called “Sweater Modifications for a Custom Fit.”  It is not connected to the CustomFit program she also has where you get a computer generated pattern in your size.   It IS about getting a great fitting sweater based on your own measurements and how do get to that point and alter a pattern schematic.  It’s full of great information about swatching, what your knit fabric should look like to be successful in your sweater, taking your measurements correctly and choosing your pattern size correctly.  And then how you go about altering that pattern if you need to adjust it from the original measurements to your own.  I never really had a clue how you figure out how many rows of increases or decreases you need and exactly how to space them out – but the mystery is revealed and it’s so easy.  And there’s a sweater pattern to work on to put all you learn into practice.

I haven’t finished watching the whole program yet – I think I’m up to the seaming/finishing parts – but lots of information I found really useful.  Will I alter sweaters on my own?– heck, probably not, because I do use the CustomFit program to have the magical elves generate my pattern for me and I’m happy to pay for that rather than do the math myself — but it’s very helpful to know what goes into those changes, and all the other stuff from the class will help me make even better choices in yarn, sweater style, etc.  And, if  there was a sweater making emergency and I didn’t have access to the program to generate my pattern for me, I believe I could be successful in altering a pattern  myself after watching this class.  Very empowering thought. 🙂 And, the fact that the class was on sale for just $14.99 was just a bonus.  I heartily recommend it.