Sewing room reclaimed!

Finally I had the time this weekend to finish going through all the stuff I pulled out of the sewing room closet during the “flood” and get things put back in the closet so I may actually get to some sewing tomorrow.  In doing that I found a box of photo frames and photos and some miscellaneous stuff that has been in that box unpacked since the day I moved into this apartment over 8 years ago.  I set it aside to see if there truly are any treasures in there I need to keep but considering I haven’t missed them in 8 years, I ‘m thinking not.  I think it’s mostly pictures of the nieces and nephews when they were much much younger that I used to keep on a shelf in the old apartment that I no longer really have a place for and heck, they are now old enough to be having kids of their own so these photos are really out of date.

I also found yet another container of scraps.  Good grief I thought I had cleared out all the fabric scraps I didn’t want to hang on to.  I had, what is basically sold as a scrapbooking travel case – large square case on wheels like luggage (that I bought for past quilt retreats to put my featherweight and supplies inside of) which has pockets that zip out on three sides and all kinds of partitioned pockets inside great for holding notions.  I haven’t actually used it in years and thought I had it stored in the closet empty.  Well at some point I must have decided to dump scraps in it – although some of them were more yardage than what I consider scraps so maybe I set them aside for some reason. In any event I forgot they were there and the inside of that case smelled sort of like my old garage (where it had been stored previously) that sort of dry dusty smell of things in storage for a while – so the case is outside airing out until I decide if I want to keep it or get rid of it, and the fabric got sorted.  Some I got rid of and the rest went in the washer.

eThat’s one of two loads I washed. dumped on the table.  But both loads are now ironed and folded and added to the fabric shelves.  I think some of these I had gotten tired of since I had already used them in a project or two so was going to cull them from my stash.  But it’s always funny as I sort thru fabrics I discover “this fabric that I didn’t like much anymore  would look so great with …” some other fabric that pops to mind the stash.  Two bonus finds – my all time favorite Santa fabric which I have used in lots of things  and bought many many years ago — there was still a piece in this pile.  And I found enough of the pink ladybug fabric I love to make a block for a new “Onesie” quilt so I was happy about that. I also discovered a mystery quilt – one of my own design that I didn’t like my fabric choices for – in bits and pieces in a box that I’ve been hanging on to for probably 5 years – yep it’s never going to get made, so that box had to go.

But for this week’s Stashbusting report – although I didn’t get to any sewing in order to count usage that way, through cleaning out stuff there is probably a total of  at least 10 yards of fabric I culled from the stash so my numbers this week stand at:

Purchased YTD:  44.5 yards

Used YTD:          105.5 yards

Net used:             61.0 yards

So I ‘ve used a good deal more than I purchased so far.  Of course these numbers will take a bit of a dive next week when my fabrics for my Loopy Academy projects come in but the good thing about that — they have to be used by the end of the semester so they’ll won’t sit idle or indefinitely in the stash.

aI do think tho that the fabric shelves are as full as they need to be (okay actually more full if I’m being honest).  I was putting things back in the closet and wondering why it seemed like there was so much room.  Well this shelving unit used to be inside the closet but I decided not to put it back in there.  So left it out in the sewing room and filled it back up.  I love the look of freshly stacked fabric shelves.  So neat and tidy – they never stay that way for long.  This shelf has all the fabrics I don’t arrange by color — bottom shelf all Christmas, next shelf up just fabrics that don’t fit into one color category and there’s one stack of flannels, next shelf up, stack of Asian style, two stacks of batiks and another stack of Christmas/snowman fabrics – mostly fat quarters from fabric swaps, next shelf up, stack of McKenna Ryan prints from Hoffman Fabrics for a design I did for them – they sent me some of each fabric – actually a lot of each fabric.  I already made on quilt from some of them which was donated to a charity but I think it’s time to make another quilt out of them for me to keep (those are the pastel fabrics behind the embroidery hoops), a stack of Halloween fabrics, and then I think all the rest are fabrics from TLE which I bought for specific projects.   The other shelving units has fabrics stacked by color family and it’s not quite as full as this one but nearly.

So part of the day spent trying to figure out what else I wanted to put in the sewing room closet, moving stuff from other closets — when storage space is at a premium, I’m always looking for new ways to make the most of it and sometimes that means tearing apart all the closets to move things around.

dLike for instance my coat closet – which held no coats.  After the last leaking flood through the ceiling of the sewing room closet that ruined a quilt hanging in there, I moved all the quilt tops that were hanging on hangers waiting to be quilted into the coat closet.  After the last leak, they believed they found the problem but I’m still not that trusting so the quilts are hanging on the opposite side of the closet and I may get some plastic garment bags to put them in, but at least they aren’t in the direct like of “leakage”  area – only things enclosed in plastic tubs are in that section of the closet….. just in case…   So when winter comes, I’ll actually be able to hang all my winter coats back in the coat closet. Imagine that! LOL

Now perhaps to get in a little knitting time. I had a project I was going to work on in EQ7 but dang if I didn’t really make a mess of things.  I forgot to deactivate it when I upgraded to Windows 10 so now they are not playing together correctly.  So I deactivated it today to see if reactiving it would correct the problem and of course it doesn’t recognize my computer now. 😦  Good thing I don’t have any projects I need to get done but I’ve put in my request to the EQ solution center and should hear back after the holiday.  I think I may just need to uninstall and reinstall and have them work some magic at their end but will wait to be sure before I make matters. worse. 🙂






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  1. Wow – lots of work involved in getting things so well organized. My biggest problem with reorganizing in my sewing room is when I get distracted by finding things I had forgotten about, and seeing things I want to work on.

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