On the Needles

I have another finish!  So exciting since I started this sweater April 2014.  It’s a CustomFit pattern tho this one is a bit looser than the norm – but I’m okay with that – it was because of something I did.  I’ve told you before I love the CustomFit program and I continue to.  I finally sewed the side/underarm seams on this Thursday night and wore it to work yesterday.

sweaterI snapped this quick photo when I got home from work yesterday – not the best photo but I couldn’t wait to peel it off – or actually peel off the nylon camisole I had under it since it was about 90 degrees and 90% humidity yesterday.  The sweater itself isn’t overly warm – it’s made with Bamboo Pop – 50% Bamboo/50% Cotton but that camisole was not helping what little breeze there was cool me down.

Anyway -I wanted a tunic sort of top and I got one.  The Bamboo Pop seems to stretch a bit – the bottom seed stitch hem looks a bit stretched in this photo from sitting at the computer most of the day and I think it grew in length slightly from the weight of the sweater itself by the end of the day but all in all I’m happy with it.  Especially since I put such a wide lace panel in it (stitch pattern taken from Birch Trees scarf pattern) and I knit lace loosely I didn’t take that into account and was worried the sweater would be way to large.  I managed to pull in the lace at the neckline by using smaller needles, picking up fewer stitches and knitting it as tightly as I could.  So the neckline turned out the way I wanted.

And this sweater has done wonders for my Knitting from the stash numbers:  Knit to date yardage: 12,040;

stash added to date yardage: 12,275  so I’m only 235 yards away from having knit as much as I’ve put into the stash.  Not bad.  Actually my numbers are even better since I have two other sweaters ready to be blocked but can’t count items till finished.  My numbers will take a bit of a hit next week when my “school supplies” for Loop Academy arrive but those projects all need to be done by the end of the Academy semester so they won’t linger.

smProgress so far on my Laura Aylor SMKAL project.  I’m working on Clue 3 which came out this week – the striped sections of the gradient on the right side.  I just started color four and have one more to go after that.  then there is one more clue next week which should use more of the background color.




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