Loopy Academy 2015

Loopy-Academy-The-Loopy-Ewe-250x250I thought I had already done a post on my Loopy Academy projects but clearly it was a figment of my imagination.  But, two orders have been placed for my “school supplies” and I’ll be eagerly awaiting their arrive next week.  What is better than new school supplies?  (especially when it is yarn and fabric) Altho we always had new tennis shoes to start the new school year so I may have to go get some since they are a new school year staple!

I’m going to do double major at Loopy Academy this year.  I will be a First Semester Sophomore in the Yarn program and they started the Fabric program this year so I’ll be a First Semester Freshman there.

You can join in Loopy Academy too and will find all the info at that link.    The requirements don’t seem too daunting so I think I can get both done easily within the semester time frame (tho I probably should not have just started a new sweater and shawl but they can get set aside for a while – schoolwork comes first). 🙂

So for First Semester Sophomores, the homework is three projects, and each project must use at least 225 yards:

one(1) a pillow using worsted or bulky yarn.

I’m going to be making Decorative Pillow Cases.  There are two different designs with that pattern and I like the round pillow shape.  I’m going to make one design in the blue and natural and the other side the other design in the gray and natural.  The colors were picked to match the Charley Harper fabric in the image – I’m recovering some chair cushions in that fabric so the pillow will be for that chair.  The pattern for the pillow was actually one I had added to my Raverly library a while ago because I just loved the graphic quality of it but didn’t know if I’d ever made it since I’m not sure knit pillows are my thing – but now that pillows are a requirement, I think it will be a fun decorative accent so it all works out.


two(2) Textured stitches — any project that changes the texture of the surface of your project from plain stockinette or garter stitch.  The possibilities for this category are endless and I chose a cute little sweater with lace up the front which just might be for Great Niece Eleanor who will be one year old in December so I’m thinking I’ll make the 1-2 year size.  That will be in this fun Pink Sapphire Cascade Ultra Pima since I wanted DK yarn that was machine wash and dry.


boreal_medium(3) Cables.  The final project needs to have cables.  I can do cables – I just am not fond of doing cables.  You have to pay too much attention to what you’re doing – I love those projects where I can memorize a lace pattern, etc.. and just knit without referring to the pattern.  I can’t do that with cables.  But I have found a project I think I can handle. LOL  In the whole project there are only eight rows where you do the cable twist.   I’ll be making this lovely squishy looking cowl in Fibre Company Tundra yarn (bulky) which looks so lovely and soft.

So that’s my knitting semester.

As for the sewing semester – again three projects to be completed within the semester.  Each project has to use at least 1.5 yards of fabric — much less than I would have thought so that helps me believe I can get everything done.

(1) A drawstring bag or set of bags.    Drawstring bag was the very first sewing project I made oh so many years ago in 4-H Club where I learned to sew.  Two hand towels with fringe at both ends, stitch three sides, fold down the remaining short side (with fringe) to stitch in a casing and thread shoe strings through it — used to carry those new tennis shoes to school. 🙂    Any way, I was thinking gift bags out of Christmas fabric at first – always good to keep on hand – or out of “birthday” themed fabrics – other good ones to keep on hand.  But then I found this fabric.

bags  The fabric on the left actually looks like this upclose – wavy rows of knitting.knitfab


So my plan is to make (1) knitting project bag for me to keep my current sock project in (2) tall, skinny bag to keep all the straight knitting needles I have – which I rarely use anymore – in since they are rolling around in a drawer and I can hang them on a hook in the side of the closet so they are out of the way; (3) a similar bag but larger to hold my extra heddles and shuttles for my look – again to hang in the closet out of the way.  I think those should use up my yardage requirements .


I also ordered some of this twill tape to use for drawstrings on a bag or two which will be really cute.

(2) set of four placemats – which can but do not have to including quilting.

I’ll be making sort of log cabin, quilt as you go type placemats out of these bright fabrics.

placematsThe reindeer and the tree fabrics will be used in the center of each placemat (2 of each or more depending on how far my fabrics go) with those as a larger rectangle and then strips of the others stitched and flipped log cabin style around that so when sewing them on, you sew through batting and backing at the same time so no additional quilting needed.

(3) this project is a seasonal/holiday wallhanging that must contain some quilting.  I kept going back and forth on what season/holiday I wanted to do and then I remembered some new kits TLE had gotten in that combined stitchery and quilting which I loved.

So I chose the winter season – how can you go wrong with a snowman – quilt hanging on the line – it’s Winter Wonder Embroidery Kit  (the link may take you to the fabric photo of those in the kit but click on the other small photo and you can see what the stitchery looks like – too cute)  but I’m going to add to that since I need to use more yardage and make the project larger.

kit_mediumThe kit fabrics are the ones stacked on the left.  I ordered the other three fabrics – the panel with the squares – I plan to make an extra border around the wallhanging using those mixed with some pieced blocks to enlarge the overall size.

So there you have it – my school semester.

Now to spend the rest of the day putting my study area in order.  I still (yes, I’ve not been in the mood) haven’t put everything back in the closet and put the sewing room to rights after the water leak.  I WILL get that done today and get some order back into my life instead of walking around stuff pulled out of the way during that fiasco.  And hopefully this nice three day holiday weekend I’ll get some other projects finished off before my schoolwork starts.   Besides the humidity is pretty close to the actual temperature today so I have no plans to venture out the door (I took the camera out earlier this a.m. to take a photo of my shawl and the lens steamed up right away) 🙂  So find some lunch and then off to the sewing room and laundry room for some cleaning.


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  1. I am also a Loopy Academy “student” and will be starting my Yarny Sophomore Year also. I’d love to also participate in the fabric semester but I just don’t think I can pull it off. Good luck … I’ll be following your progress! Maybe you’ll be able to convince me to reconsider the fabric side! HA!

    • Aw come one join the double majors – it’s only 1-1/2 yard requirement for the sewing projects. Easy – peasy 😉 (at least that’s what I’m saying at the moment – time will tell).

  2. WOW, you are going to be one busy lady this next semester between knitting and sewing. Good luck getting all that in and with Christmas and Thanksgiving in there too. Knowing that you are a nite owl like me, I’m sure you will accomplish it with ease.

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