State of the Stash(es) update

First the sewing stash – nothing to add in to the used or even the purchased column.  I haven’t been able to sew due to the sewing room flood from the old water heater so hopefully today I’ll get everything put back into the closet and reclaim my table to get some sewing done this week

so the numbers remain at



and I just updated the stash knitting numbers adding in the yarn used for the sweater I just finished and they now stand at:


knit   I’m closing in on knitting as much as I’ve actually added to the stash this year so that’s good.  Featherweight took approx. 2,622 yards so knitting another fingering weight sweater will get me close to breaking even.


The new sweater

If you read my On the Needle reports you know I simply do not have enough knitting projects going at the moment….yeah, right!

But the number of projects on the needles does not necessarily stop you from starting another – at least not me.  I mean there is a spare circular needle just waiting for a sweater to be started on it. After all – I did finish one sweater last week and I should be able to finish one later today if I get a little seaming time in.  And, as soon as I get the sewing room put back in order (I did manage to figure out where I want to put one of the shelving units – not back into the closet – and have it in place now just need to off-load the fabric from the table to the top half of the unit) I can reclaim the table to block another sweater that is ready for seaming and finishing.

So all that is the way of saying last night I knit a new swatch and this morning it is dry and I have gotten the numbers necessary from it to create a new CustomFit pattern.

First, the yarn –  I’m going to be using my Loopy Legend yarn dyed for me last year as a reward for spending too much money at the Loopy Ewe. 🙂   As a reminder – the inspiration photo I sent in to the Loopy Ewe to use for colors in the yarn.

gannet-bird-1366x768  The Gannet and here’s the yarn that was created from that photo, Denise’s Gannets – I’ve got in in the hank, the hank opened and then with it wound.  My flash is washing it out just a little bit.  So you can see the true colors here at the Loopy Ewe (and even get some yourself) 🙂


So I decided to do some swatching last night.  I already know that I wanted just a simple pullover sweater to wear with jeans and there was a Customfit pattern I’ve been wanting to make so I’ll be using it for Afterlight.

I already know the yarn will probably pool a bit but I don’t care and am looking forward to see how it looks knit up in something larger than my swatch.  In looking at the swatch up close, I didn’t really notice so much the sort of blue zig zags that go from one side to the other which are very apparent in the photo of the swatch.  The swatch is about the width of a sleeve cuff so it will be interesting to se how it plays out across the front or back of the sweater in those long rows.

I used size 4 (US) needles and it makes a lovely drapey fabric.  So now I just need to go plug in all the info for making my CF version of that sweater and see what it estimates for yardage to make sure I have enough.

ganet swatch

but I think in this bag


there just might be enough for my sweater. 🙂