The promise of hot water

myrtleWell, the carpet seems to be drying nicely — it was a great carpet drying day actually – not hot, not humid and a very nice breeze blowing in my sewing room window to help out the fans.

And I can’t necessarily say it’s pretty (tho it does have lovely new copper tubing) but soon I should have hot water.    It is a big noisier than the old one as it’s heating up but not too bad.    And it just turned off ……..and voila – I do indeed have hot water!

So while the guys were here working, I pulled all the quilt magazines, knitting magazines,  patterns I’d printed from Ravelry, years of printouts of my own patterns, drafts and second drafts — all the paper stacks I could find and went through them.   They are now all neat and organized, some redistributed but much has been purged, recycled, etc. so I have less than a 1/4 left of what I did have.  So that was a job I would not have gotten to for a good long while (and one I’ve been putting off forever) so at least it was productive time.  Still need to make one more trip to the recycling dumpster and have a bag of stuff I need to shred but glad that job is done.

Now to figure out what is for dinner and I’m doing some thinking about how I want to rearrange the sewing room.  It will be a few days or more likely next weekend before I get that room put back together but that will also give me time to go through the other containers and baskets and boxes of “stuff” on the shelves and in bins and reorganize and perhaps purge a bit more.

And on an even brighter note – I finally (yes after starting it for a KAL and putting it aside to knit on several other projects) my CF modified Featherweight sweater is finally done.  It looks a bit odd in the photo since it’s laying sideways on the ironing board.  I’m steam blocking the front bands which I think will work rather than having to reblock the entire sweater.  Just have an end or two to bury.  That’s a whole lot of fingering weight yarn but I really like the feel of fingering weight sweaters.  (And it will add great numbers to my yarn knit tally!)



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  1. Ack! Of all the places to flood! Cold showers, ugh! Ours decided to leak 2 days before Christmas, and was replaced Christmas Eve last year. My hubbie had bought this moisture/leak alarm and put it in the water heater closet. It woke us up at 4 a.m. with a nice little stream shooting up from the bottom. I thought he was doing too much buying that leak detect gadget, but was ever grateful that he did. We put one of those DAmp Rid containers in the closet and that helped a bunch afterwards. Thinking maybe we should put a leak detector under the kitchen sink too. Hmmmmmm. Enjoy that hot water Denise!

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