Design Wall Monday and the Great Sewing Room Flood

wall  PatchKats is on the design wall waiting for me to finish putting the green sashing between the rest of the rows.

Noe the half empty fabric shelving in the middle of the room.  That shelf used to be in the closet in the sewing room.  The fabric on the table used to be on that shelf  but I had to unload it in order to move the shelving unit out of the closet.

And in addition to the shelving unit, I had to move these

tubsThe tubs of quilting stuff – two are full of tops to be quilted and two are swap blocks and other random projects.  And there were a couple tubs of yarn to be  moved out and other miscellaneous stuff.


Because now the sewing room closet looks like this


I discovered when I walked in the sewing room yesterday that my carpet was literally squishing.  Not a good thing.  I pulled open the closet door thinking it was leaking from that same area that it has twice since I’ve lived there from the apartment upstairs.  No, the ceiling was not wet.  But called he emergency maintenance and the guy hey sent over – who lives here at the complex – discovered it was my hot water heater that was leaking.   They came last night and sucked up the water from the carpet and turned off the hot water heater (the two apartments above me who share this water heater also had no hot shower this a.m.) so now I’m awaiting someone to come replace the water heater – not how I had planned to spend my Monday.

I had planned to clean out the sewing room closet but it would have been much better to do it according to MY schedule.   But I guess it’s a good time to clean out some of the stuff from the closet and purge a bit of it as well as pull out a few projects that have been in deep hibernation to put them on my “finish soon” pile.


10 comments on “Design Wall Monday and the Great Sewing Room Flood

  1. Thank goodness you found the damp carpet so quickly.

    The cat quilt is wonderful. I have a friend who would love it even more than me.

  2. What a stressful thing! But I guess the positive side is no damage this time. We had a bathtub leak into a closet below several years ago and remember how much work it involved cleaning up the mess. So I sure don’t envy you!

    • Seriously, right!? Actually I had been thinking about taking the one metal shelf of fabric back out of the closet so maybe this incident was to prod me along more quickly. Clearly that closet is cursed! LOL

  3. Be aware, just drying the carpet may not be enough. Especially if it is older carpet – mold and bacteria can still linger! Keep an eye and a nose out!!

  4. Sorry about the water heater. Hope none of the precious fabric was ruined!! Thank you for making me feel better with the tubs full of “to be quilted” tops. I hope that it is all back to normal soon so that you can finish the green sashing. It is looking great!

    • Nope – nothing ruined at all which was good. The tubs to be quilted are in addition to the coat closet which does not hold coats but instead holds tops on hangers to be quilted as well. 😉

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