Sunday’s happenings

Back to work tomorrow but I’ve enjoyed my couple extra days off.  Today I’ve been very busy all morning.  Bit of laundry, bit of cleaning, some baking…

pie Asparagus and Canadian bacon quiche – will be excellent for lunch this week since I always like it better the date after it is baked- I had a taste test for lunch today and it turned out quite good.

I love homemade pie crust and always make enough for a two crust pie even if I only need it for one.  I had intended to use the leftovers for the butter and cinnamon sugar on piecrust treat, but I had a small container of raspberries in the fridge. So pulled out one of my little deep dish pie tins, mixed up the raspberry pie filling but not enough to fill this little deep dish pie tin so dumped some blueberries on top.  Despite it’s messy appearance it smells good and I was lucky enough to stick some foil under the rack it was on just before it started trying to ooze all over my oven.  Mess averted.

I have a meatloaf all mixed up and chillin’ in the fridge ready to stick in the oven with some roasted spicy potatoes and Red Lobster Cheddar Bay biscuits later for dinner.  Let’s not forget the peas – I always have peas with meatloaf – why I don’t know.  Maybe growing up we always had peas with meatloaf?  Hmm going to have to ask about that but the meal just would not be right if there were no peas.  So I’ll have leftover quiche, meatloaf and chicken Chablis to either feast on this week or stick in the freezer for meals later.

I also figured out what fabric to use for my sashing strips on the PatchKats quilt.  Got all the sashing cut and pieced this morning and several sections attached.  I never did get back to the rest of the cleaning out of closets or cabinets I had thought about doing while I was home the last couple days but the bedroom looks darn nice. LOL  The rest I’ll work on  on another day because this afternoon – I think a movie or two and some knitting is in order.