August PatchKats installment

I put the August installment up last night so those of you playing along on this project – don’t forget to collect it.

How are you doing on your PatchKats?  Are you caught up? Fallen behind? Not started yet?  I’m getting a small amount of devilish pleasure because friend Janet P left a comment that I’m ahead of her on this one.  🙂   On probably all of the patterns that I put on the blog or through The Quilting Post – Janet finishes them in record time and my own versions are in various states of “undone.”  Of course I could fall off the quilting wagon at any moment and she could speed right by me (not that it’s a race) but for the moment I’m feeling pretty darn good about my progress on this one.

Speaking of which – more of those holes have been filled in since I posted yesterday’s photo.



The top  and bottom rows are complete and I’m working on the hineys of the rest of the right facing Kats.  I lost one of the pieces last night and decided to call it quits.  This morning – still didn’t find it but found the very last scrap of that fabric and was able to just get the piece I needed out of it.

When I was layering and cutting tail sections for multiple Kats, I didn’t realize until I was starting to put them together that one of the fabrics was short so when I laid out the stack -one short piece in the middle of the stack and I’m not sure I have any leftovers of that fabric so I think  that Kat may just get a different colored tail.  There’s always got to be a “rebel” Kat in the litter.


Yesterday I was thinking about what new project I want to work on next after this one is done.

I keep coming back to this lovely  stack.  Aren’t they pretty.


They are Robert Kaufman, Vincent Van Gogh blenders — a birthday present to me with an Amazon gift card from one of my bosses.   I definitely want to cut into these beauties but haven’t decided how I want to use them.  Probably just something simple so it’s all about the lovely colors.

Now back to stitchin’ Kats.


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  1. I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for sharing this BOM. My son is a fanatic about cats and has two cats (Bubbles and Daisy) and I’m making this quilt for his new house and he will just love it. Thanks for all your hard work and sharing it with us.

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