A bit of sewing

Well I never did get too enthused about blocking sweater pieces today – I’ll save that for first thing tomorrow.  And in the meantime a bit more straightening up and then I decided to do some sewing on my PatchKats blocks.  Are you caught up through the July instructions?   I wasn’t – I needed to do July – so pulled all  my blocks back out of their box and put them back up on the design wall.

Here’s the project – in two photos since my table was in the way to try to get it all in one.

kats1 Today I made the nine patch block and stitched them to the chest area that matched it.




A pile of pieces

After finishing off the last sleeve for the red sweater, I pulled out a prior sweater I had set aside — why I simply didn’t finish it before starting the next – who knows. LOL  I only had about 10 rows to go to finish off the last sleeve on that sweater too.

So here’s what I’ve got  – piles of pieces – three sweaters’ worth of pieces – all sweaters I made using CustomFit.

3sweaters Believe it or not – I finally got a photo of these where the colors are true – well the red is a bit brighter but it looks better here than it usually photographs.

The aqua sweater on the left is a pullover with sleeves about to my elbows.  It has a very wide lace panel on the front and I forgot about how that much more width of the lace might affect the measurements across the front and compiled with the fact that I tend to knit lace patterns looser than my stockinette stitch is, it may end up more baggie that I had originally planned but not a big deal.

The sweater in the middle is a cardigan with a lace panel in the center back (I think even the same lace pattern as the aqua sweater because I really like it and it’s so easy to do), and then there’s a small lace section up each side of the front.  That one has either elbow length or 3/4 sleeves – can’t remember which.  The red is another cardigan with a different lace pattern across the upper back shoulder area and plain on the front with 3/4 sleeves.


So after finishing off one of the blue sleeves last night, I was looking to see what else was in my knitting basket.  My Featherweight cardigan just needs the ribbing added around the neckline and front – that will take a while since it’s very wide ribbing in fingering weight yarn.  I had to finish off the blue sleeve because I needed the longer cable needle I had been using for that sweater in order to pick up the edging around the Featherweight.

Since I was rearranging bedroom furniture yesterday, and there are several yarn storage containers I had to pull out from under the bed, while I had them out I grabbed the yarn I need for the Featherweight ribbing and that is now wound and ready to get started.    I may go digging through them today before putting them back to see what might work for upcoming projects I want to make.   But since the bedroom is back in order except for a bookcase I need to declutter and dust, I think later today it may be time to pull out the blocking boards and get one of these sweaters blocked.

So far today, I made a trip to the grocery store to pick up a couple things I forgot last time I was there and forgot last time that I’d be home on vacation so had to definitely get more coffee!  And during my cleaning frenzy yesterday, the alarm clock took a bounce on the floor from which it never recovered.  Good thing I broke it when I didn’t really have to get up to be somewhere on time! 🙂  So stopped and got a new one.

Also found this sock in the knitting basket

Image2 I love this yarn.  When I pulled it out of the basket it only was finished to just after the heel so I’ve made great progress on it but that ball of yarn is dwindling so it may be a race to the finish to see if I finish first or if my yarn finishes first.  The other sock is already done.  I don’t think I finished a single sock all last winter so it will be good to get some new ones done to add to the drawer for when that wooly sock weather returns.