It is wrong…

to buy buttons and then plan the sweater to go with them?¬† ūüôā¬† Perhaps a little backwards but that may be what I did.

You may remember this wallhanging which was a Camp Loopy project last year that I made.  The fabrics in it are all from Charley Harper designs and when the fabrics showed up at The Loopy Ewe, I knew I needed some of them.

DSCN4421 The cardinals are my design but all the print fabrics are Charley Harper.  And what does that have to do with buying buttons?

Well, I finished knitting my cherry red sweater pieces last night.  So once I get it blocked and sewn together I will need the buttons I want to use to make sure the button holes are right and how many I need to make.    So I decided to do a bit of searching on line to see what kind of buttons I could find.

And I found these!!! and am very excited about them.  Those are Charley Harper designs inside those buttons!!


I don’t¬†think they are¬†quite right for my red sweater but I can see a pretty light tan sweater with all different buttons down the front, or some other neutral color.

And then after placing the first order I realized I’d skipped a page or two of them so had to order a few more.¬† One of my favorite bracelets was made from vintage glass domed buttons and that’s also a possible use for some of these.¬† My favorites – hmmm hard to pick – the first button at the top left is a Badger and since I live in Wisconsin, home of the Badgers, well that one was a given.¬† The blackbird next to it, the green button of the rabbit (I would have loved a whole sweaters worth of those but only one button of each style was available), the pheasant, the lower right red bird, the sandpiper, the white own, the squirrel — okay – I really can’t pick favorites.

charley harper 2  I am looking forward to seeing these in person.

I was just going to take a short coffee break (I took a few days off so have a five day weekend!), but have gotten sidetracked in button land for much longer than planned.

Today, I’m cleaning and rearranging the¬†bedroom.¬† No small feat since it was complete disaster, stuff everywhere, and I have to remove a few smaller pieces of furniture in order to be able to swing the bed around the way I want.¬†¬† And with my usual procedure – every room is being destroyed in the process with stuff being temporarily moved into them – but eventually they will all get put to rights.

Coffee break over (since it’s almost time for a lunch break!) ūüėČ

Oh Рthe wooden armchair in front of the wallhanging (one of the first pieces of furniture my parents bought when they got married Рand they are celebrating their 57th anniversary this month)  I ordered these fabrics to make a new slip cover for and it a throw pillow or two.

fabrics to recover chair