Well how annoying…

I thought all went swimmingly with my  Windows upgrade and now I was trying to pull up a document I had saved to edit and change and it’s telling me I don’t have administrator privileges to save the document where I want, asks me if I want to save it to a different location (sure I’m not picky) but then does nothing.  Clearly I am the only “administrator” around here. LOL But, I’ll think about that another day since I seem to have found a way to work around it for the time being.  But it is annoying.  One of the documents I was trying to edit was my Excel spreadsheet with my stash report on it.    The numbers, since I am counting my Camp Loopy 3 project below finished, now stand at 44.5 yards purchased to date, 95.5 yards sewn to date, for a net used of 51 yards.

I was going to just machine quilt the sashing on my Camp Loopy 3 project and then do the rest of the quilting tomorrow but one line of stitching led to just one more and I now have it all quilted.

Image3 Image4The blocks have basically eight lines of stitching which cross each other in the center block of the star.    The binding has been added and I just need to hand stitch it to the back.

oops just remembered the stash totals are not exactly correct – I was at the quilt shop today and four or five or six batik fat quarters came home with them so I still need to add those in since I can’t really remember how many I got.

One of the other things I did buy were some Machingers  – quilting gloves.  I am in love with these.  I’ve tried many types of quilting gloves and other gloves with rubbery fingertips, and rubber fingers made for quilting but these gloves are the greatest. About an inch or slightly more of the fingers is rubbery – grips great – and the rest of the glove is a thin fabric that is very comfortable on.  I can even thread my machine with these gloves on – something I could not do with the various other bulkier gloves I had tried.  Plus they come in different sizes you I could get a great fit – most gloves are made for people with smaller hands than mine.   Yep these are keepers and I highly recommend them.

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  1. Denise, Your quilting looks great. I too was in love with Machingers for many years until I discovered the GrabAroo’s. They are even a better fit, thinner and come in my favorite color. Now I recommend these 1st and Machingers 2nd.

    • I had tried the GrabAroo’s but passed them on to a friend – the sizing/fit wasn’t as good for me and I prefer the all over “grabby” fingers of Machingers rather than the “dotted” type of fingertips.

  2. I love Machingers, introduced to them at a FMQ class years ago, have tried other tihings but none has worked as well as, or as comfortable as these Machingers. I expecially love that I can thread a needle.s

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