On the Needles – Friday 8/7/15

Well it’s officially not Friday anymore but I got sidetracked before when I remembered I should do an OTN report.  I have managed to upgrade to Windows 10 and find my way back around and make sure all my programs were still working.  Haven’t checked everything but did check Electric Quilt since that was the one I was most concerned about all it appears just fine. Whew!

Anyway tho this photo doesn’t exactly look real exciting, I am excited about it.

DSCN4486[1]It’s exciting because it’s the second sleeve of my sweater and I’m about half way done.    And yes, the yarn is the color of the printing on a Coke bottle.

As I was straightening up the sewing room while the computer upgrade was running, I found the ball of yarn I’ve been searching for off and on for the last month that I needed for a different sweater.  I know I had set it down somewhere – and there is was buried under some fabric.  So the time the upgrade took was put to good use and the sewing room is all tidied up.


Now it’s not here yet but there will be a bit of yarn coming my way.   It seems like a long time since I ordered any yarn – well a couple months IS a long time. 🙂  But since I’m not knitting for Camp Loopy, I’ve been joining in some other KALs that are simple projects.   So I ordered my yarn tonight for the Laura Aylor Summer’s End MKAL – which is a mystery KAL.

I had a tough time deciding what gradient set I wanted to order because there are so many lovely ones on the website I was shopping.  But in the end, I just kept going back to a set called Gingersnap which is a very light golden color to a dark brown, and a natural color for the main color (background) to go with those.  Can’t wait to see them in person.

The other major excitement this week — another dang bat hanging on the ceiling in the office not far from my desk.  But I’m glad to say it was captured and evicted from the premises.  Ick, Ick Ick!!!  At least this one was asleep when it was captured and we didn’t have to chase it’s flying butt around the office like the last one a month or two ago.

Sheesh – it’s 3:15 a.m. – I have to go to bed because I need to get up soon go out to breakfast with a friend! LOL  Too bad I’m not the least bit tired at the moment.

3 comments on “On the Needles – Friday 8/7/15

  1. Beautiful color of yarn on your sweater. You tickle me when I read that it’s after 3 am and you are still up and not sleepy. This happens to me with I get on a roll doing something fun – like knitting or even piecing a quilt. I usually suffer the next day around 2 or 3 pm though. lol

    • Nope you would be wrong. Although I “can” knit continental if knitting plain jane socks – that’s the only time I might do it and that’s something I recently taught myself to do since I started knitting socks several years ago. But it’s much faster for me not to knit continental. When I first learned to knit many moons ago I was mostly self taught so I don’t even hold my yarn like most people do when they knit English style either. So basically I knit “Denise” style. I’m not sure how much of it is that I’m fairly quick at it as opposed to I never sit idle. If I’m watching tv I have to have some knitting in my hands as well as when I’m riding to and from work on the bus. And since I’m a night owl that means after getting at least an hour to knit each day on bus, I usually get several hours a night to knit.

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