Camp Loopy Safari – Fabric project 3

As those who read the blog on a regular basis probably know – sleeping is overrated in my world.  I’m definitely a night owl and an extremely late night owl on Friday and Saturday nights.  So since we could start our Camp Loopy project three on August 1 – you know where I was at 12:01 a.m. this morning. 🙂

Yep – in my sewing room.  I worked for probably four hours or so and got everything cut out, and the individual component pieces sewn (flying geese and corner sections).  I did actually sleep for a couple hours and was back at it this a.m. fueled with much coffee.  I’ve already decided the pizza place will be delivering my dinner (and maybe they will bring me some ice cream too – it’s BAD that they sell ice cream and I can have it delivered to my door) so that I can continue working.  I am going to have to take a break soon for some lunch since I never had breakfast.

Anyway — I’m am moving along quickly and hope that by tonight I can actually have my whole top done.  The blocks are 18″ finished and big blocks with larger pieces seem to go so much more quickly.

camp3project Here’s basically what it will look like.  I changed the sashing pieces just a bit to accommodate the fabric I had left.  The pinky color I had just 18″ of not 18-1/2″ that I would have needed to cut the sashing strips so I added some pieced sections to each sash where it meets the corner stone so it looks more like a plus sign (with a different colored center) where they meet.

DSCN4464  This is the scrap heap left over from making all my flying geese units.  Normally I would just toss them but I think, since I really like this fabric like – Christmas prints but doesn’t scream Christmas prints – I may, sometime after camp is finished, stitch them all together to make a little runner for the breakfast bar.



The second photo is all the other scraps left from my fabrics for this project.  Not much – most fabrics just a strip that was too small to use for the binding.


and speaking of  binding — it’s scrappy and I actually already have it made.

Now off the computer, find some lunch, and then back to work – I’ve got much sewing to get done. 🙂


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  1. Your Camp Loopy project looks great! I love the colors and how you cleverly made the sashing work out. I too am a nite owl. You get so much more done when it’s quiet and everyone else in in bed (at least at my house). I almost had a heart attack though when you said “normally I would toss those scraps” but that you might make a tablerunner with this pretty fabric. Stop feeding the trash can. You can toss any of your scraps my way,– any time instead of in the trash can. Those are definitely too pretty to waste.!.

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