State of the Stash(es) update

First the sewing stash – nothing to add in to the used or even the purchased column.  I haven’t been able to sew due to the sewing room flood from the old water heater so hopefully today I’ll get everything put back into the closet and reclaim my table to get some sewing done this week

so the numbers remain at



and I just updated the stash knitting numbers adding in the yarn used for the sweater I just finished and they now stand at:


knit   I’m closing in on knitting as much as I’ve actually added to the stash this year so that’s good.  Featherweight took approx. 2,622 yards so knitting another fingering weight sweater will get me close to breaking even.


The new sweater

If you read my On the Needle reports you know I simply do not have enough knitting projects going at the moment….yeah, right!

But the number of projects on the needles does not necessarily stop you from starting another – at least not me.  I mean there is a spare circular needle just waiting for a sweater to be started on it. After all – I did finish one sweater last week and I should be able to finish one later today if I get a little seaming time in.  And, as soon as I get the sewing room put back in order (I did manage to figure out where I want to put one of the shelving units – not back into the closet – and have it in place now just need to off-load the fabric from the table to the top half of the unit) I can reclaim the table to block another sweater that is ready for seaming and finishing.

So all that is the way of saying last night I knit a new swatch and this morning it is dry and I have gotten the numbers necessary from it to create a new CustomFit pattern.

First, the yarn –  I’m going to be using my Loopy Legend yarn dyed for me last year as a reward for spending too much money at the Loopy Ewe. 🙂   As a reminder – the inspiration photo I sent in to the Loopy Ewe to use for colors in the yarn.

gannet-bird-1366x768  The Gannet and here’s the yarn that was created from that photo, Denise’s Gannets – I’ve got in in the hank, the hank opened and then with it wound.  My flash is washing it out just a little bit.  So you can see the true colors here at the Loopy Ewe (and even get some yourself) 🙂


So I decided to do some swatching last night.  I already know that I wanted just a simple pullover sweater to wear with jeans and there was a Customfit pattern I’ve been wanting to make so I’ll be using it for Afterlight.

I already know the yarn will probably pool a bit but I don’t care and am looking forward to see how it looks knit up in something larger than my swatch.  In looking at the swatch up close, I didn’t really notice so much the sort of blue zig zags that go from one side to the other which are very apparent in the photo of the swatch.  The swatch is about the width of a sleeve cuff so it will be interesting to se how it plays out across the front or back of the sweater in those long rows.

I used size 4 (US) needles and it makes a lovely drapey fabric.  So now I just need to go plug in all the info for making my CF version of that sweater and see what it estimates for yardage to make sure I have enough.

ganet swatch

but I think in this bag


there just might be enough for my sweater. 🙂

Yarn winner

Well I said I’d choose  winner sometime on Sunday and as I’m on the computer and it happens to be nearly 1:00 a.m. a.m. on Sunday – why not.  So I didn’t use the random number generator – since there were less than a dozen comments where the two questions I asked were answered I was able to use the random roll of the dice – yes I never saw that one before but happened across it as I was pulling up the random numbering site.

And the lucky roll  was

roll8and that means the lucky winner of my extra hank of Cascade Heritage Silk left over from my featherweight sweater is


Congratulations Sue.  I’ve sent you an email.


chbuttonsMy Charley Harper buttons arrived and I love them even more in person.  The colors are a bit richer than my flash on the camera is slowing to show since it’s reflecting off the glass on them.  They’re big – 1″ buttons and with the domed top it makes them look even a bit larger so I’m going to have to make a special sweater or two to use these on.  The butterfly on the bottom has a scallop metal  fitting around it — the rest all match each other and are more plain but I knew that when I ordered them.  The butterfly will probably be used on a sweater I want to make that has just one button at the top — or it would be cute on a quilted purse too.

And since I was updating some Ravelry project info, I remembered to take a photo of the other yarn I’m using for Spring Kerchief.

lacewtI think they will be pretty together you start with two strands of one yarn (my darker one I’m already kntting in the photo), then switch to one strand of each, and then to two strands of the lighter.  I’m anxious to see how it looks when there’s one strand of each.  Oh, and did I mention it’s a free pattern on Ravelry and really easy knitting?  Well it is! 🙂

I’ve decided today is going to be my lazy day (it’s already nearly 2:30 p.m. so I good think I didn’t decide it should be  really productive day!).  I did make it to the grocery store and back between rain storms but it’s back to dark and gloom and raining.  A comfy chair, a bit of knitting, some old movies may be the way to spend the rest of the afternoon.  But first, I’ve got some bananas that are not long for this world so I’d better go make them into some banana bread or something.

Finishes, Middles, Starts…..

CF Featherweight KAL S 10/2014 - F 8/2015
CF Featherweight KAL
S 10/2014 – F 8/2015

Yes I have knitting projects in all those categories.

First, for the “Finishes”,  I have FINALLY finished my Customfit Featherweight Cardigan which was part of a KAL started October 21, 2014 and finished this month.  Of course there were many other projects started and even some finished within that time period.

The yarn in this sweater is Cascade Yarns, Heritage Silk – which is 85% Superwash Merino and 15% Mulberry Silk.  I love yarns with mulberry silk in them – even just a little bit makes it feel so nice and gives it such a great drape.   The sleeves are somewhere between elbow and 3/4 length.  I did make a bit of a change to the front so that it didn’t hang quite as open as the original Featherweight pattern and even tho it’s fingering weight yarn, and a lot of fingering weight yarn in my size, I was surprised how fast it knit up (when I was actually knitting on it and not other projects).  I definitely see more fingering weight sweaters in my future.

As for the “Middles” projects, again another CF project that I got sidetracked from because I kept hopping around on different projects.  I started this one April 2014.  This past week I seamed the shoulders, picked up and knit the seed stitch neckline, and seamed in the sleeve caps last night so just have the side seams from hem to end of sleeve left to seam.  I’m hoping to get that finished tonight.

cfskalI’m a bit leery about this one.  I added more repeats of a lace pattern across the front than originally planned and since I knit lace more loosely I think I may have totally mucked up my gauge.  Actually I’m sure I did.  But I used smaller needles to pick up the neck edge and knit it and knit it tightly to sort of hold all the top edges of that lace in place.  Plus, I’m thinking this one may grow in length with wear.  So I may end up with a baggy, too long sweater  or it may all be okay.  Time will tell.

This project is somewhere between “Middles” and “Starts” since it’s a SMKAL and I’m not sure how it will end up looking.  We got Clue 2 earlier this week and that’s where my natural background color is added to the side of the gradient strip we knit in Clue 1.

smkalI love the feel of squishy garter stitch – the perfect bus knitting and tv knitting type project, and I especially love it when the garter is going in multiple directions throughout the project.  I’ve just got a bit of a start on Clue 2 but hat natural yarn will carry out with decreases where the dark brown pointy end is to make a triangle.  It will be interesting to see what direction next weeks clue takes us.

And in the “starts” category – I just started this earlier this week.  It’s the start of my Spring Kerchief.

laceI forgot to take a photo of the two yarns I’ll be using.  It’s lace weight yarn but you use it double – making the first section with two strands of the same color (I need to enlage this section until that smaller ball on he right is used up.  This yarn is Tencel and is a bit slippery but is knitting up very nicely.  The second yarn that will go with it is 100% mulberry silk which is light shades of gray but with a hint of the same pinkish color that is the purple yarn so I think they will play nicely together (or at least in my mind’s eye they do).

I also made a bit of progress on my Woodwork scarf but haven’t bothered to take a photo since I have four inches of ribbing to knit (and the stitches on the needle are the lengthwise stitches so it takes a while to get up and down those rows) – so while my sewing room has been out of commission due to the flood, I’ve been very busy knitting and looking forward to adding my yardage for the featherweight into my “yards knit” tally.

Okay – now if you made it all the way to the end of this post, you may get rewarded if you are a knitter or crocheter.  I have one unused hank of Heritage Silk yarn left over from my featherweight sweater.  I know it will just linger in the stash since I’ve knit more than enough of that color. 🙂   I will ship it off to someone who wants to use it.  It’s fingering weight – 437 yards.

So…IF you are a knitter or crocheter and would like to be eligible for the randon number generator to pick you to win, leave a comment on this blog post stating (1) if you knit, crochet or both and (2) what project do you think you would use this yarn for?  I’ll pick a winner sometime on Sunday.  Sorry I forgot to put this in when I uploaded this blog post but you must be in the U.S. to be eligible – sorry but dealing with shipping overseas packages is truly a hassle with requiring me to actually go to a post office and we all know how crazy postage rates are too.       Updated 8/30/15 1:05 a.m. – winner chosen.

The promise of hot water

myrtleWell, the carpet seems to be drying nicely — it was a great carpet drying day actually – not hot, not humid and a very nice breeze blowing in my sewing room window to help out the fans.

And I can’t necessarily say it’s pretty (tho it does have lovely new copper tubing) but soon I should have hot water.    It is a big noisier than the old one as it’s heating up but not too bad.    And it just turned off ……..and voila – I do indeed have hot water!

So while the guys were here working, I pulled all the quilt magazines, knitting magazines,  patterns I’d printed from Ravelry, years of printouts of my own patterns, drafts and second drafts — all the paper stacks I could find and went through them.   They are now all neat and organized, some redistributed but much has been purged, recycled, etc. so I have less than a 1/4 left of what I did have.  So that was a job I would not have gotten to for a good long while (and one I’ve been putting off forever) so at least it was productive time.  Still need to make one more trip to the recycling dumpster and have a bag of stuff I need to shred but glad that job is done.

Now to figure out what is for dinner and I’m doing some thinking about how I want to rearrange the sewing room.  It will be a few days or more likely next weekend before I get that room put back together but that will also give me time to go through the other containers and baskets and boxes of “stuff” on the shelves and in bins and reorganize and perhaps purge a bit more.

And on an even brighter note – I finally (yes after starting it for a KAL and putting it aside to knit on several other projects) my CF modified Featherweight sweater is finally done.  It looks a bit odd in the photo since it’s laying sideways on the ironing board.  I’m steam blocking the front bands which I think will work rather than having to reblock the entire sweater.  Just have an end or two to bury.  That’s a whole lot of fingering weight yarn but I really like the feel of fingering weight sweaters.  (And it will add great numbers to my yarn knit tally!)


Design Wall Monday and the Great Sewing Room Flood

wall  PatchKats is on the design wall waiting for me to finish putting the green sashing between the rest of the rows.

Noe the half empty fabric shelving in the middle of the room.  That shelf used to be in the closet in the sewing room.  The fabric on the table used to be on that shelf  but I had to unload it in order to move the shelving unit out of the closet.

And in addition to the shelving unit, I had to move these

tubsThe tubs of quilting stuff – two are full of tops to be quilted and two are swap blocks and other random projects.  And there were a couple tubs of yarn to be  moved out and other miscellaneous stuff.


Because now the sewing room closet looks like this


I discovered when I walked in the sewing room yesterday that my carpet was literally squishing.  Not a good thing.  I pulled open the closet door thinking it was leaking from that same area that it has twice since I’ve lived there from the apartment upstairs.  No, the ceiling was not wet.  But called he emergency maintenance and the guy hey sent over – who lives here at the complex – discovered it was my hot water heater that was leaking.   They came last night and sucked up the water from the carpet and turned off the hot water heater (the two apartments above me who share this water heater also had no hot shower this a.m.) so now I’m awaiting someone to come replace the water heater – not how I had planned to spend my Monday.

I had planned to clean out the sewing room closet but it would have been much better to do it according to MY schedule.   But I guess it’s a good time to clean out some of the stuff from the closet and purge a bit of it as well as pull out a few projects that have been in deep hibernation to put them on my “finish soon” pile.

Stashbusting Report and other Sunday Stuff

No fabric useage to report this week.  I’m working along on a couple projects but haven’t gotten to the point where I count them yet.  If I get done with my “chores” today, I may actually get another lap quilt layered  and ready for quilting.

But check out this great fabric “useage.”  I was thumbing through the Sept/Oct issue of Quiltmaker and in the back, where they showcase the quilts made from designs in the magazines, this one looked familiar!

emerald city

It’s my Emerald City quilt design which appeared in the Mar/Apr issue and the version of it made by Carol Golembiewski.  Isn’t it gorgeous!  It’s so fun to see made up by someone else in the colors they chose.  I absolutely love her color palette for the quilt.  The quilt that originally appeared in the magazine (blacks/grays and teals – smaller image at right) were not the colors I had chosen so Carol’s quilt is a bit closer to my original vision when I drew the design since I used shades of tan/brown.   Anyway – I think her quilt turned out stunning and she was very speedy too – since that is a king size quilt.

I have  not yet made that quilt myself – it might be a fun project to do as a sew along if there’s any interest among those that have the pattern – I may have to think on that.

On the Needles – Friday, 8/21/15

First – if you’re doing Laura Aylor’s Summer’s End Mystery KAL and don’t want to see what the finished clue 1 looks like — close this page now — there will be a spoiler photo of my clue one below. 🙂

I am still knitting along on the neckline/front band ribbing on my Featherweight sweater.  It gets a really wide rib finish – 3″ maybe – can’t remember for sure and I think I’m at about 2″ or slightly more but with 500+ stitches and fingering weight yarn, it takes a while to do a row.  I am hoping tho that I may get that finished off this weekend.  I still haven’t started blocking any of my other three sweaters.  One of them I may just start seaming without blocking – It’s cotton yarn and the lace I used across the front made it really drapey and probably a bit baggy so it may actually need a bit of time in the dryer rather than laying flat to dry so I’m not real concerned about blocking that before I seam it.

I also am working on a pair of socks that I had started  — well heck I just checked Raverly and I never created a project page for them so I can’t remember when I started  – I’ll have to look on the blog later but they have been sitting around for quite a while.  However, as I was putting them back in my tote after my bus ride to work I felt a “pop”  – yep snapped one of my DPs so need to find where the other one is.

Okay — now to the spoiler of my Clue one for the Mystery shawl KAL.




You use a group of five gradient colors and then a background color.  This gradient is called Gingersnap.  So this is my first clue which has all five gradients used in it.  It decreases towards one end at an angle at the darkest end.  Now to wait until the middle of next week to find out what happens next.

Design Wall Monday

sashHere’s what’s  on the design wall – same photos as posted over the weekend.  These Kats have gotten their green sashing strip between rows — and here’s all the Kats before I started adding sashing.

Check out what’s on the other design walls at