Gone astray again

I headed into the sewing room, I was going to do some more quilting on the wedding quilt, and I decided to see where I had left off on writing some instructions for a new Hoffman Fabrics pattern.   Well, I never did get to the quilting but I did spend the afternoon writing up the pattern I needed to get done so it’s all good since I needed to get it finished before the end of the month.  So deadline crossed off my list.

I may try quilting just one block or two each night this week on the wedding quilt but I usually don’t machine quilt on weeknights because once I start, it’s hard for me to stop.  It’s always one more area, one more, and after sitting at a desk all day, sitting and machine quilting all night is a bit hard on the eyes.

Okay yes I was also playing in EQ for just a little while today too.  This was one of the designs I was considering using for my Camp Loopy 3 project but it wasn’t going to work for that project.  I’ve stashed it away into my “maybe make these” folder to revisit another day.  But I think it’s very graphically striking the way the two blocks used in it meet and change appearance and would make a great wallhanging.


It turned out to be a lovely day here – all that horrid humidity is gone after storms moved thru last night and I’ve been able to turn off the air and have the door and windows open.  Think I just might need to take my cup of coffee out to the patio for a bit of fresh air before I figure out what’s for dinner.


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  1. I love this–the design, the constrained use of color, and the colors themselves. Thanks so much for sharing it.

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