Off the Design Wall

There is a project on the design wall but it will be there for a while so I’ll show you the most recent finish instead.

My Camp Loopy Fabric Safari project for July is done!  Finished sewing down the binding last night.

DSCN4448The pattern is Asymmetrical Diamond from the Robert Kaufman Fabrics free pattern pages.  I did add an extra row to the left side so that the dark  diamond around the heart would be complete .  I needed to add some applique or embroidery to meet the Camp requirements so just hand appliqued a simple heart within that space.


The quilting doesn’t really show up since severe storms are moving in and it’s really dark outside but there are feathers in the yellow background areas, meandering in the other patched areas, and feathers surround the outline of the heart.  There’s a corner with the year quilted into it and another spot where my first name is quilted into it.

Now to go rip open my package that arrived today with my August Camp fabrics.  I haven’t decided what I’m going to do with them yet but I’m sure I can come up with a plan before August 1. Just need to spread them all out to get the ideas flowing.

4 comments on “Off the Design Wall

    • go to the patterns and change the search function to “alphabetically” and not “newest design” to make it easier to find. Or if you just type “Robert Kaufman Asymmetrical Diamond pattern” in your browser I’m pretty sure it will find it.

  1. Very nice. I’m fond of useing hearts in my quilts. Very cool placing a heart at the focal center.

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