On the Needles – Friday 7/10/15


Well yes, that’s the same photo of my Therapy shawl as last time and I actually have added quite a bit to it but it’s in my bag which is waayyy across the living room and the camera is waaayy over in the sewing room and I am very comfy on the couch in my jammies.  Yes, an exciting Friday night here!! LOL

Actually I love Fridays where I can come home and do nothing. So you’ll have to wait until next week to see an updated photo when maybe I won’t be so lazy.  And may have a finished shawl.


This week was the new announcement of the August Camp Loopy project requirements (and Camp shopping).  I actually have really enjoyed working only on the fabric Camp projects and knitting on other projects without deadlines (or at least not a project a month deadlines).  Last year doing both was just too much.

So what’s up for my August Camp Loopy fabric project?  Well we need to use a short stack (fat quarter pack) and four half yard cuts of fabric to make something.  So that’s a total of four yards and we need to use at least 75 percent of those fabrics.  Oh and you were supposed to choose something out of your “comfort zone.”  So, if you know me, you know that pink is the color I like the least.  And I had my eye on a short stack of holiday fabrics but there was pink in there.

But I found some other fabrics I liked with it – a second short stack in addition to my half yard requirements.  I originally thought a x-mas tree skirt but I have a very skinny tree so don’t want a very large tree skirt.  But I’ll come up with some idea before August 1.

Here’s the fabrics I ordered.

camp3Hopefully I’ll get my July project layered and start quilting on it tomorrow….if I’m not too lazy to get off the couch (it’s been a busy week and this dang cold has been hanging on for two weeks! so I’m a little grumpy too.)