July Camp Loopy Project

It’s the 4th of July and the top is finished for my July Camp Loopy project.   So I’m definitely ahead of schedule at least for the moment.

DSCN4437I’m going to have to see if there’s any batting here but hopefully next weekend I’ll get it layered and ready to go.


Then since I had all these batiks piled around me I decided why not pull out a bunch more.  So grabbed a stack from the closet and I was just going to cut out a block or two to test a new pattern to make sure things fit together correctly.    You know how I get, that led to cutting out more blocks and I have nearly the whole design up on my design wall.

It looks totally different in the batiks compared to the fabric line it was design for but I like it nonetheless.  Some of the single triangles get replaced with sections made up of pieced triangles so when all the rows are sewn together they look like hexagons.  But I wanted to fill most of it in on the design wall to see how I liked I before making the smaller blocks to substitute in.  I have one pieced area done but the fabrics are too light and blend with each other too much so that will be replaced.  Of course my photo doesn’t really do the fabrics justice since the lights in the sewing room throw a yellow cast light at night but it’s going to be a fun riot of color.

Needless to say, tomorrow will be spent folding and putting away fabrics since the table, chair, floor and ironing board are buried under them.



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