Camp Loopy Project 2

I made great progress last night on my July CL Safari project!  I did nix my idea for the applique item I needed to add to the project and changed it to something else.

One of the prints is butterfly wings so I cut two of the wings out, made a body, and pinned in place to see how it would look.

DSCN4427UGH! not good. Even once I turn under the edges to applique it in place it would look too big for that spot.   It may make an appearance on the back somewhere tho.

So went back to my first applique idea (before I realized one of the prints was butterfly wings) and that was just a just a simple heart out of a bright pinkish batik I had ordered.   My pan when I ordered the fabrics was to use the pink for the heart and then just in the binding so I think that’s what I will do.

The heart is appliqued in place (after much searching last night for my beloved thimble which I finally found), all my HSTS are done, so I can start sewing rows together.


3 comments on “Camp Loopy Project 2

  1. With the heart it is a really lovely block. When I was working with some teens on their first quilt,m We mwde a lap quilt then randomly appliqued butterflies on it. They loved it and I have since used that idea on some quilts I made. They look so pretty just randomly flying around the quilt. Some of the kids put crystals on their butterflies too. SOO pretty.

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