A productive day

It has been just a lovely day today.  There is nothing better (IMO) than a Wisconsin summer day when its 75 degrees, sunny, a hint of a breeze, no humidity and not a mosquito has appeared anywhere I have been so far this summer.  A perfect day.

I spent a little bit of time sitting out on the balcony working on something and the only thing not perfect about that is the neighbors in the apt above me (not even directly above me but off to the side) have a bird feeder full of sunflower seeds that the squirrels sit and eat.  They are very messy and how they manage to toss the outside of the seeds several feet from where the feeder is is quite amazing but I got tired of having seeds rain down on my table and head and into my coffee cup.

So a trip to the grocery store to lay in some supplies, a bit of laundry has been done, and the rest of the afternoon spent sewing.

I’ve got two-thirds of my Camp Loopy project stitched together.

DSCN4433  Alas, the quilting elves have not made me any dinner (they probably could not find a clean plate since I’ve been very lazy since getting sick about doing dishes) so off to the kitchen to get things put back in order, get the dishwasher going, get dinner going, and take care of some more laundry.  The rest of the sewing on this project will wait until tomorrow since there’s knitting and pattern writing to do tonight.


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  1. The diagonal rows are very striking and the heart is a fun surprise in the middle. Love the colors you chose.

    We had a lovely day today in SD too except it was a bit humid. We woke up to really heavy fog but it was gone by late morning.

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