Yes I’m still around

I’m just busy and haven’t had anything much to post about.  My Therapy shawl for the KAL is nearly done – I’ve gotten it as large as the pattern calls for but think I may make it a bit larger and use up a bit more of some of the yarn used in it.  Half a cake of sock yarn does not a sock make so might as well add it to the shawl.

I had hoped to have the instructions for the Block Party Picnic design done to post this weekend but last weekend I came down with a horrid cold, missed a day of work, missed a lot of sleep, so haven’t gotten much done.   Where is the maid who really needs to clean my house and do my laundry and go buy groceries??? 🙂   I personally don’t have time to do this project as a QAL right now being in the midst of Camp Loopy this month and next, along with other summer activities, vacations, etc.,   but since I don’t like to postpone something I’ve promised more than two months, I’ll just be posting the instructions (when they are written – before the end of July) to the free pattern pages as I know there are some people anxious to start on this project.

Our second Camp Loopy project could officially be started  yesterday, July 1 (and I can’t believe it’s already July!), and needless to say I know that cold medicine and rotary cutters don’t mix so I didn’t attempt it.  I do plan to have all 88 of my 5″ finished HSTs made and laid out on the design wall early tomorrow a.m.  I’ve got about half done. It should be a quick and easy project this month which is good since I just drew up a new quilt design for Hoffman Fabrics that I need to put the finishing touches on and then get the pattern written up.

In the meantime, a little eye candy – just one of the designs I was playing with that didn’t work for the Hoffman Fabrics fabric that I was working with, but I think it still might be a design I need to make for myself – tho not in this color combination.



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  1. I was just going to say that I like this color combination and noticed there were some that also agreed. Hope you are feeling better now. I’m behind on reading my favorite blogs because of coming down with an infection too. Taking meds just makes me want to sleep all the time. Can’t get much done that way.

    • I don’t necessarily mind the colors together, but I think it would have more pop and some of the secondary designs would pop more if there was more value difference in the colors.

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