Gone astray again

I headed into the sewing room, I was going to do some more quilting on the wedding quilt, and I decided to see where I had left off on writing some instructions for a new Hoffman Fabrics pattern.   Well, I never did get to the quilting but I did spend the afternoon writing up the pattern I needed to get done so it’s all good since I needed to get it finished before the end of the month.  So deadline crossed off my list.

I may try quilting just one block or two each night this week on the wedding quilt but I usually don’t machine quilt on weeknights because once I start, it’s hard for me to stop.  It’s always one more area, one more, and after sitting at a desk all day, sitting and machine quilting all night is a bit hard on the eyes.

Okay yes I was also playing in EQ for just a little while today too.  This was one of the designs I was considering using for my Camp Loopy 3 project but it wasn’t going to work for that project.  I’ve stashed it away into my “maybe make these” folder to revisit another day.  But I think it’s very graphically striking the way the two blocks used in it meet and change appearance and would make a great wallhanging.


It turned out to be a lovely day here – all that horrid humidity is gone after storms moved thru last night and I’ve been able to turn off the air and have the door and windows open.  Think I just might need to take my cup of coffee out to the patio for a bit of fresh air before I figure out what’s for dinner.


7/19/15 Fabric Stashbusting report

I’ve updated the stashbusting page (button in sidebar with the fabric pile on it) so you can get the full report there.

For one fleeting moment, I had used {net} more fabric than I had purchased thanks to the finish of my Camp Loopy 2 fabric project.  But then I remembered I had not added in the Camp Loopy 3 fabric that had arrived earlier this week.  Dang!

So the numbers stand at:

Used year to date — 77.5 yards

Purchased YTD – 44.5 yards

Net freed from stash YTD:  33 yards

Soon, very soon, I’ll be making a jump in progress when I get the wedding quilt finished.  But I was able to add one more photo to the “finished” gallery on the stashbusting page with the finish of my Camp 2 project.

Saturday progress

Well I have accomplished much more today than it seems I did yesterday.  More laundry done (boring), stack or two of boxes that I needed to flatten for recycling, and some other junk like that organized (really boring), shredded a stack or two of old bills and other papers (way boring but I’m so glad I bought a shredder).  I braved the heat and humidity to go to the grocery store (super boring – I absolutely hate grocery shopping and humidity each on their own, so combine the two and I’m surprised I ventured out to do it at all).  However, since I’ve needed to get to the grocery store for quite a while, I couldn’t put it off much longer.  I mean I actually had to drink instant coffee this a.m. which I usually keep around just for some recipes that use it for coffee flavoring,  as there was not a coffee bean or k-cup or bag of coffee anywhere to be found in my cabinets.  So a quick hop on the bus  and it wasn’t too bad going but it had just started sprinkling as I was waiting for the return bus which made it even sticker.  Luckily, I got home before any downpour.

Then I decided I needed to do something more fun.  So a quick clear off of the sewing table, and I finally got back to quilting on my niece’s wedding quilt (which she WILL have before their 1st wedding anniversary!) 🙂   You may recall, this is the quilt



I had previously stitched 1/4″ away from each side on all the “framing” sections that go around the blocks as well as the taupe colored border.  That took a while to say the least and then it go put aside because I had some other projects I needed to get finished.

So today, wound the three empty bobbins I had and I have not emptied them again and I think I have about half the blocks inside the frames quilted.  It’s a little tricky since most of those fabrics are so busy it’s hard to see where I’m going or where I’ve been but progress has been made.

Here’s a photo of one of the blocks from the back — the blue and white large floral blocks have this quilted inside them.  The backing is actually dark royal blue – not black like it looks in the photo.

Last night I also picked up the red sweater I had been knitting on (and set aside to work on the KAL shawl) and finished off one of the front sections (after ripping back 2 or 3″ because I couldn’t figure out where I was on the neckline decreases).  So I just wound a new ball of yarn so I can cast on the other front after dinner tonight.


Oh yeah and the other accomplishment (a boring one too), with all the humidity we’ve been having I decided I really needed to get rid of about five inches of hair.  Yep that photo at the top of the blog – my hair hasn’t been that short since, well since that photo was taken.  Even with bobbing off 5 or 6 inches, it’s still about even with my chin or slightly below but oh so much cooler!



Now to go ready my reward for having gone to the grocery store – a  delicious meal  requiring no fuss since broasted chickens were on sale (ready to eat and I don’t have to heat up the oven – bonus!), coleslaw (mine is never as good) and German potato salad (mine is actually better but the stores is a close second).   About the only time I make potato salad or coleslaw is if it’s for some function — it’s just not as good (or I can’t make it as good) if it’s not a good size amount being made. And while I like it, I don’t want to have to eat it for a week straight so I’m very glad my local deli has the kind I like.

The plan

I was going to get so much stuff done today since I took the day off and while I did get a load or two of laundry done, and picked up a few things around the apartment (very few), I spent the majority of the day playing in EQ.  Okay so this morning I was “working” in EQ since I have a design for Hoffman Fabrics I need to write the pattern up for, had to write up the PatchKats installment, and then decided to see what I could come up with for my Camp Loopy 3 quilting project.

So remember here at the fabrics I got for project 3

camp3For the challenge we have to use one Short Stack and four different 1/2 yard cuts of fabric.  The center top row Short Stack is the one I picked and the four larger images are my 1/2 yard cuts (although I wasn’t paying attention and actually got 1 yard of the blue – but that’s good).  The other Short Stack I got to maybe use with these fabrics – they are all really little two tone checks.

So I came up with a design but then I had to work backwards sort of to see if I could make it work with the fabrics I have.  The first two Camp projects I had to order additional fabrics for and I’m not doing that again – really I’m not!   Actually I think I just might have the numbers working correctly but it took much recoloring and moving colors around several times and then finally I realized if I had another background fabric – a lighter one…. no I did not order one … I simply stole one from a stack of Loopy Ewe fabrics I had waiting to use for a different project.  It wasn’t quite the right shade for that other project ( wanted something a bit whiter) but it will work great for this one.

So after a bit of reworking and more recoloring (yes, the day quickly got away from me) this is what I ended up with.   The blocks are large so if I have to I can shrink them in size to get the fabrics to work but I want to see if I can leave them this size instead.  So time to get out my calculator and do some figuring.

camp3project Most of the fabrics in the design are the actual fabrics I have but they are not showing up to scale in the design and some of them are actually more different in hue than then appear in this design – but you get the general idea.

Off the Needles – Friday, July 27, 2015

therapyYes – finally something off the needles to add to my finishes.  Just a little bit ago I bound off the picot edge and cut the yarn tails.  It’s my Therapy shawl I made for summer shawl KAL at Laura’s Workshop on Ravelry.  You had your choice of several of her shawl patterns to make for the KAL.  This one is really easy and great tv watching/bus riding knitting.  I wanted to use up most of my yarns I was using so made it a good bit bigger than the pattern called for. It’s way too humid (and actually raining off an on between bouts of sunshine which just make it feel more humid) to block it now so it will wait until the weather changes but that will open up the mesh knit areas more.

The blue yarn is Malabrigo Finito (so soft!) and the color is 196 Mares.  The other two colors are Tosh Sock in Steam Age (which is a multicolor) and Sugar Plum.  You can see the colors on my Ravelry Page here.   I looked back and the Tosh Sock colors I bought back in April of 2012 so they have finally made it out of the stash pile.

I’ve updated the yarn stash page and I’ve knit so far just slightly more than half of what I’ve purchased (it was my Loopy Legend color that really skewed my numbers) 🙂 Now I need to get back to the four? (I think) sweaters that are in various stages on the needles.  Some are really close to completion.  I need to pull them all out and see where I am at on each of them.

Check out what’s on everyone else’s needles over at Judy’s Patchwork Times.

Off the Design Wall

There is a project on the design wall but it will be there for a while so I’ll show you the most recent finish instead.

My Camp Loopy Fabric Safari project for July is done!  Finished sewing down the binding last night.

DSCN4448The pattern is Asymmetrical Diamond from the Robert Kaufman Fabrics free pattern pages.  I did add an extra row to the left side so that the dark  diamond around the heart would be complete .  I needed to add some applique or embroidery to meet the Camp requirements so just hand appliqued a simple heart within that space.


The quilting doesn’t really show up since severe storms are moving in and it’s really dark outside but there are feathers in the yellow background areas, meandering in the other patched areas, and feathers surround the outline of the heart.  There’s a corner with the year quilted into it and another spot where my first name is quilted into it.

Now to go rip open my package that arrived today with my August Camp fabrics.  I haven’t decided what I’m going to do with them yet but I’m sure I can come up with a plan before August 1. Just need to spread them all out to get the ideas flowing.

On the Needles – Friday 7/10/15


Well yes, that’s the same photo of my Therapy shawl as last time and I actually have added quite a bit to it but it’s in my bag which is waayyy across the living room and the camera is waaayy over in the sewing room and I am very comfy on the couch in my jammies.  Yes, an exciting Friday night here!! LOL

Actually I love Fridays where I can come home and do nothing. So you’ll have to wait until next week to see an updated photo when maybe I won’t be so lazy.  And may have a finished shawl.


This week was the new announcement of the August Camp Loopy project requirements (and Camp shopping).  I actually have really enjoyed working only on the fabric Camp projects and knitting on other projects without deadlines (or at least not a project a month deadlines).  Last year doing both was just too much.

So what’s up for my August Camp Loopy fabric project?  Well we need to use a short stack (fat quarter pack) and four half yard cuts of fabric to make something.  So that’s a total of four yards and we need to use at least 75 percent of those fabrics.  Oh and you were supposed to choose something out of your “comfort zone.”  So, if you know me, you know that pink is the color I like the least.  And I had my eye on a short stack of holiday fabrics but there was pink in there.

But I found some other fabrics I liked with it – a second short stack in addition to my half yard requirements.  I originally thought a x-mas tree skirt but I have a very skinny tree so don’t want a very large tree skirt.  But I’ll come up with some idea before August 1.

Here’s the fabrics I ordered.

camp3Hopefully I’ll get my July project layered and start quilting on it tomorrow….if I’m not too lazy to get off the couch (it’s been a busy week and this dang cold has been hanging on for two weeks! so I’m a little grumpy too.)

7/5/15 Stash report

With getting my top all sewn yesterday for my Camp Loopy 2 project, that adds 5.0 more yards to the fabric used tally.

So my numbers stand at:

74.5 yards used so far year to date

38 yards purchased year to date

36.5 net yards used.

I haven’t begun to tally up all the fabric used for the second project I showed yesterday on the design wall but all those large triangles, when you are cutting mostly 8.5″ wide strips, will add up quickly I think.

And a little eye candy for today… just another EQ quilt image.


July Camp Loopy Project

It’s the 4th of July and the top is finished for my July Camp Loopy project.   So I’m definitely ahead of schedule at least for the moment.

DSCN4437I’m going to have to see if there’s any batting here but hopefully next weekend I’ll get it layered and ready to go.


Then since I had all these batiks piled around me I decided why not pull out a bunch more.  So grabbed a stack from the closet and I was just going to cut out a block or two to test a new pattern to make sure things fit together correctly.    You know how I get, that led to cutting out more blocks and I have nearly the whole design up on my design wall.

It looks totally different in the batiks compared to the fabric line it was design for but I like it nonetheless.  Some of the single triangles get replaced with sections made up of pieced triangles so when all the rows are sewn together they look like hexagons.  But I wanted to fill most of it in on the design wall to see how I liked I before making the smaller blocks to substitute in.  I have one pieced area done but the fabrics are too light and blend with each other too much so that will be replaced.  Of course my photo doesn’t really do the fabrics justice since the lights in the sewing room throw a yellow cast light at night but it’s going to be a fun riot of color.

Needless to say, tomorrow will be spent folding and putting away fabrics since the table, chair, floor and ironing board are buried under them.


Happy Fourth of July

Revised Quilt image 66 x 84Is there a better day to have a Block Party Picnic than the 4th of July?

As I previously noted on the blog, I don’t have time myself to participate in a Quilt A Long on this project – too many things have cropped up — but I know there are those of you anxiously awaiting this pattern and wanting to start on it so it is now available and you can start stitching.

To find this Free PDF Pattern, scroll down to the bottom of the right sidebar of the blog until you get to PAGES, scroll down that list until you see the category FREE PDF QUILT PATTERNS )categories are in capital letters and are in alphabetical order).  Then look for Block Party Picnic under the FREE PDF QUILT PATTERNS (quilt names are also in alphabetical order).  Click that name, it takes you to its page where you find the link to the pattern download.