I did it again…

I’ve puttered away most of my morning but it doesn’t seem like I’ve accomplished much.  In fact, I actually have done a bit of cleaning, baked some biscuits, rescued the outdoor chair cushions which I think are finally dry before too many drips of today’s rain hit them, but then I opened up EQ and that’s where most of my morning went.

There’s a new group of fabrics at The Loopy Ewe that I just love called Little Flyers and that I think would be perfect to make a quilt for a little boy out of.  I don’t have anyone in mind for it but I donate most of my quilts and its sometimes hard to find fabrics that are more little boy oriented.  I love the colors in this prints so I was playing around in EQ a bit trying to see what I could come up with to use those fabrics in.  Here’s  what I have so far.




I think I like it but will let it sit and think about it a while.  I’ve got several other things to make first.


Then I was just playing with some other random blocks and came up with this wallhanging —

openweave2 I could see this in a large wall hanging size being the focal point of a wall – big and bold and bright with some fun quilting on it.  But time to stop the EQ playing.  I’ve got things I need to get done and places to go.  🙂

6 comments on “I did it again…

  1. The inter-locking quilt would make for a fun “Headboard” in a bedroom of say maybe a teenager. Depending on the size and shape it truly is.. I like it. You do come up with some fun designs…

  2. I love the bottom quilt. Especially if it could be done with a jelly roll. I don’t have EQ but I would LOVE that pattern!!!!

  3. What block is that in the bottom quilt? I don’t have EQ so I can’t do it myself and can’t figure it out. Love it!

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