Back at it….

You know how I get when I have a quilt design in progress — I keep going back and tweaking on it rather than doing the many other things I should be doing.  (Tho my new vacuum arrived so I did get everything vacuumed while testing it out – it definitely has suction as evidenced by how fast it sucked up that loose end of a cake of yarn and started gobbling it up.  NOT the way I would suggest you test out a new vacuum but cut out all the yarn it had wound around the roller and all is well.)

But…..I actually now have a finished design idea…I think.

I originally put the houses along the bottom since one of the fabrics I like had the planes, hot air balloons etc flying over group of houses.  The houses I used may look familiar to those of your who did the past CTS BOM – I just popped in the same building/house blocks from there.  But, when I looked at it later, (note to self –turn off the computer screen so you are not so easily distracted by the design sitting there every time you walk within sight of it)  I was thinking I really just like the airplane blocks better.  Razed the houses and now there’s more planes. This one is a keeper I think.




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  1. Fantastic ! Little boys who like airplanes will surely go wild for this special
    quilt. Great Job

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