On the Needles – June 19, 2015

First and most importantly – happy birthday DAD!  and happy birthday to my friend Jennifer! – both of their birthdays are today.

As to what’s on the needles… here’s the progress on my Therapy shawl – a Laura Aylor design.  She’s doing a summer shawl KAL through the end of July and you can choose one of a list of several of her shawl patterns to make.

DSCN4403  My first color – the sort of mauvey pink  – is also contained in my variegated so in some places the little stripes sort of blend.  I really like the section of mesh after the first stripes.  There’s more mesh coming up after I complete the solid section of the second color I’m working on right now.  It has little picots at the outside edge of the shawl but they are sort of hard to see right now and should show up more after block.  It’s one of those good “tv watching” (or bus riding) patterns since you can easily memorize each section.  There’s a darker blue that eventually gets added in at the other end of the shawl — and all of the yarn came out of the stash.

I’ve been knitting on this taking a bit of a break from my red sweater but that is still progressing too.  I’ve gotten past the bind of for the front scoop neckline and am working on the  shoulder sections so should be able to finish off the right side of it tonight and cast on  the left front — or maybe a sleeve first to break up the monotony of one sleeve right after the other.

My fabrics arrived earlier this week for  my July project for Camp Loopy Fabric Safari and I’m really excited to get to that project but will try to patiently wait – or not so patiently wait……

DSCN4405The pastel fabrics on the left are a little washed out from the flash – the top two have light pinks, blues and yellows in them – lighter shades of those colors in the fabric with the black cross hatches on it at the top of the right stack.  That one at the top of the right stack (top in the photo but bottom layer of that stack) is my absolutely favorite. It has all kinds of great colors in it.

And the special treat in the BOF, the goodie for finishing Freshman Year of Loopy Academy — an Academy book bag knitting project bag.  The bag’s look is like old comfy jeans – double stitched  seams and frayed edges.  I really like the way they attached the handles with hook hardware and grommets  — I may have to try that on a bag myself.

Check out what everyone else has on their needles at the Patchworktimes.com