Saturday – June 13

Where has June gone – I can’t believe it’s already the 13th.  One of these days I just know we’ll get some sunny, lovely, warm (not hot and humid – I said “warm”) days to enjoy but so far those are few and far between.   Today it’s gloomy and looks like rain again.

First things first….

DSCN4372This month’s installment of PatchKats is now available for download.  When you finish with this month’s sewing, you’ll have seven completed black Kats  – and you’ll be caught up to me.  Here’s my seven black Kats up on the design wall.  I had been sewing ahead on this one but with Camp Loopy starting, I’ve been sewing on that project instead.  Hopefully I’ll get Camp Loopy’s June project finished today and then I’ll have until July 1 before I can start the second Camp project and maybe get some sewing done on the PatchKats while waiting.

ETA — and yes, I know this month’s instructions are a week early – they were done and it just fit into my plans better to get them out there this Sat. rather than next. If you want to wait until next Saturday to retrieve them – that’s totally up to you. 🙂  May instructions are still available until next Saturday also.

Yesterday I was trying to decide what shawl project I wanted to work on since I wanted something I could work on that was not in fact a sweater and I finally decided on Therapy, a Laura Aylor design.   I needed three colors.  I knew I had some off white Tosh Lite that would go with just about anything and then I found the two Tosh sock to go with it.  I had been saving those to use in a project together since I think the light purple one will look good with the variegated.   Before starting to wind yarn for this tho I may go back and see if I have anything in the darkest blue in the variegated or a very dark gray to use instead of the off white and see if I find a combination I like better.

DSCN4371Today’s plan – a bit of brunch, need to get dressed, and then on to finishing the quilting on my Camp Loopy project.


2 comments on “Saturday – June 13

  1. I’d be happy to send you some of our 100 degree days in a swap for rain. LOL. In California we are in drought (major) conditions and would love to have some rain. It’s too bad it can’t be shipped out to us.

    • No thank you – there’s a reason I don’t live where it is 100 degrees. Actually we needed the rain to and I’m sure the farmers are very happy – it just makes for a gloomy looking day.

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