On the Needles – Friday – June 12

Yep – it’s the sweater that refuses to be photographed as it’s true color! 🙂      I’ve gotten this far on one of the fronts.  I’m not sure if I’ll add any of the lace that is on the back yoke onto the front.  If I do it would  be in sort of the front yoke area but I think it would drive me crazy trying to do the neck and armhole shaping and still maintain the lace pattern.


I am thinking I might need a project other than sweaters to work on — okay  — or maybe I saw a project I just love and realize I have yarn in the stash that just might be perfect for it — yep – actually in the stash.  And it might make a great gift for someone so those are all my excuses for needing to cast on a new project even tho I have several sweaters in various stages of “not done-ness”. 😉

I really like the combination of mohair and other yarn in  Non Troppo  and while I have several colors of mohair I don’t think I have enough of any of them but I might be able to combine two of them – need to think on that one.  I also love the simplicity of A New Slant  and also Laura Aylor’s Therapy.  I think Therapy will win because I believe I actually know what storage container the yarn is in that I would want to use for that.  And since I need to wind more yarn for my red sweater tonight – why not wind a bit more while I’ at it.

I am hoping to get at least one sweater blocked this weekend so I can start the seaming on it and get it finished off.  That is if I don’t just twiddle the day away like today.

Although I haven’t gotten yet to the machine quilting I planned to do today, I did look at a bunch of patterns on Ravelry, check out the various TLE ravelry forums to see what is being planned for the next Camp Loopy project.  Although I am not doing the knitting Camp, I do check out the photos in those groups from time to time – it’s a great way to see patterns I may not have found on my own.

My fabric Camp Loopy package is off in the mail to me today and will include the “reward” for finish Freshman Year of Loopy Academy.  I won’t say what it is yet  – I’ve seen it in a spoilers thread – but will post a photo when it arrives.

Well since it’s been rainy all day and I never did make it out to the grocery store – I think I’ll give up on that plan for today and let my friendly pizza guy bring me dinner.    Enough rambling – time to order dinner.