Sweater Back is off the needles

DSCN4361I finished off the back of my sweater last night when I finally  got out of the sewing room.  I was going to put some of the lace pattern on the front of my sweater but am debating whether or not I will do that or just leave it plain.  I was thinking about adding it on the front of the sweater in about the same area where it is on the back but I think that may be a bit to tricky to do  – need to check out how my neckline is shaped on the front first.


Below the sweater is my Camp Loopy fabric safari project — all pinbasted.  I got the backing all pieced out of my leftover fabrics and then called it quits about 1:30  last night since I’d been in the sewing room nearly all day.  This morning –   back in the sewing room and got the wallhanging pinned and have started quilting on it.  I think the quilting will be relatively plain stitch in the ditch – once I get all that done, I’ll see if I want to add any other quilting to it.

It was sprinkling earlier (I really didn’t want to go out and run errands today anyway) 😉  and is a bit on the gloomy and breezy side today so a good day to spend in the sewing room.