On the Needles –

I didn’t even bother to try to get a photo of this to post last nice since I new the color wouldn’t come anywhere near true.

This is a slightly better photo in the light of day – it looks a bit red at least but not the bright cherry red it is and the lace pattern shows up a bit.


This is the back of the sweater and the lace panel is across the upper back.  I’ve got about 13 more rows and then will bind off the back neck stitches – so not much more to do on the back.

I did not manage to get my CustomFit Cardipalooza cardigan done during the KAL but I knew I wouldn’t make it – which really only means I’m not eligible for the prizes they are giving away.  I do plan to pull it back out this weekend and finish off that cap of that sleeve so I can get that one blocked and start stitching it together.  The CF Summer Sweater KAL has started and as long as the sweater is “finished” during the KAL it doesn’t matter when it’s started  Maybe must maybe the pullover lace sweater I started for last year’s KAL will get finished for this one.  🙂

If you are a regular blog reader,  I know you’ve heard me say how much I dislike pin basting quilts — well it’s the same sort of thing when I get to the stage where I have to block something.  Not my favorite thing to do but then I always wonder once I’ve done one why I hate it so much.  It really doesn’t take that long to block sweater pieces  — I follow Amy Herzog’s method of blocking and it works great and you’re not pinning out every inch of every edge – just the strategic points.   Actually the real problem I procrastinate may be because I usually have to clear off the sewing room table of it’s mess so I have a place to lay out the blocking mats.

Maybe I’ll go put those lace pullover sweater pieces into the sink to soak – then I’ll be forced to get it pinned out to block.


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  1. Beautiful yarn and pattern. That looks so sophisticated and will look great across the back of your sweater. You don’t see many sweaters that look pretty from the back.

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