Just Flutterin’ and Woven Ribbons

Two more patterns that were on the Hoffman California Fabrics website that are now back out of retirement and the patterns are available in my free pattern pages…

Just Flutterin 58 x 67


Woven Ribbons - Sand In My Shoes Collection

Woven Ribbons – Sand In My Shoes Collection

and here’s the version of Woven Ribbons that I made from these fabrics

wovenribbonsAs I was looking for the pattern instructions above, one of the other things I’m finding are other potential quilt designs that I did for the same fabric lines but were not selected as the final quilt design to use.    I had forgotten about this one, which I called low tide, and was one of the potential designs for the Sand in My Shoes fabric collection.  It reminds me of a beach where the tide has gone out and left that bit of blue water running diagonally through the design in  low spots on the beach.  I still have fabrics from that  collection in my stash so I may have to see if I have enough to make this quilt.

LOW TIDE Now that I’ve dithered away the better part of the day looking through old files, paying a few bills on line, and ordering some new clothes — I think I’ll actually get to sewing on my Camp Loopy project border blocks.