Camp Loopy Fabric Safari update

I am cruising right along on my June Camp Loopy sewing project.  Only four days in and all I have left to stitch for the front of it is the border blocks, which are about half done.

You may remember almost about a month ago as I was planning this project, I had been playing with blocks in EQ and at one point had a section that looked like this

horns  Those pieces that twisted and turned reminded me of squiggly horns some types of antelopes have.

safariquiltinspirationWhich led me to this photo of  an African Antelope.    One of my first plans (you know I always change my mind) was to do a wall hanging with African style masks on it so I sort of decided to combine the two and make African Antelope masks.  There are no eyes – I didn’t want them to look exactly like masks because I think that would have looked distracting.  But I did add in that light strip that is right below their eyes.   No one but me may ever recognize that those are “squiggly horned antelopes” but I do so that’s all that really matters.

DSCN4351 Here’s where I’m at so far.  I made a few changes from the last EQ drawing of it that I showed.   The lower image is the EQ drawing of how it will look once the border blocks are added.







6 comments on “Camp Loopy Fabric Safari update

    • It’s a big wallhanging – I think when the borders blocks are added it’s about 45″ from top to bottom and 70+” wide – can’t remember the exact width but between 70 and 75″ I think.

  1. how unique. You really have a great eye. I would have seen a very complicated applique pattern.

    • I could have seen a very complicated applique pattern too which would have been kind of fun to applique those twisty horns, but since I have to start and finish (quilted and bound) between June 1 and June 30, simple was best, especially as large as it will end up.

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