Off on Safari….. and update on Hoffman Fabrics Pattern Designs

DSCN4313 It’s the start of Camp Loopy Safari today — I woke up way too early this a.m. so decided to make the most of it.  This neat pile of fabrics – they all got cut up and sliced into the pieces I needed before even going to work this morning.  Tonight I managed to get two of the three main sections of the large wall hanging stitched so I’m off to a great start.


And as for the update on my designs for Hoffman Fabrics — you can see the quilt patterns I’ve designed for them if you click the Hoffman Fabrics button in the blog’s right sidebar.    I’ve received several requests recently regarding patterns shown there that are no longer available on the Hoffman Fabrics website pattern download page.  They’ve updated things and removed many of the older patterns.   I am happy to report that I do have permission to add those pattern instructions to my blog for the ones that have been removed from the Hoffman Fabrics website.  So, as I have time, I will be adding them into the Free pattern Downloads Pages.  Everything below the fall table runners will eventually be added (if I can find them all) but it will be a work in progress since those pattern instructions are no longer on my computer, and I will have to pull them from various CDs or thumb drives.  So I will begin adding them as I have time to look for them and get them uploaded.