For the Birds….

DSCN4333Check out the birds — I took these photos while at my Aunt’s.  She has birdfeeders outside both her picture windows and there was a constant  stream of brightly colored birds.  I was taking the photos through the window so some of them are not as clear as they could be but I had to be quick  or the birds would see me since I was only about 2 feet from them taking the photos.

The orioles are probably DSCN4334 my favorites – mostly because I don’t see those around my house.  The yellow finch looks all puffed up in the second yellow finch photo since he was trying to dry his feathers off after a recent rain shower.DSCN4336  I occasionally get finches but not these pretty ones.

DSCN4337 DSCN4341I also love the rose-breasted grosbeak – wish I had all those brightly colored birds at my feeder but I guess I’ll just continue to feed my cardinals, sparrows and wrens even tho they are not as colorful a flock as these lovely birds are.  The bluebirds were more elusive – I could see one sitting on the top of the bluebird house at the bottom of the yard but it wasn’t close enough to get a photo of.  It was keeping watch – there are eggs in the nest in the bluebird house.

Today it looked pretty much like in these photos here. It would rain and then stop and then rain and then stop.  It seems to always start against just as a friend and I were getting out of the car and running into a shop or restaurant this a.m.  And the temperature took a sudden drop this a.m. as well.  Someone should have remembered a coat and/or umbrella but neither of us did. LOL

Got a bit of sewing done on a baby quilt and made my list of what size pieces I need to cut for my Camp Loopy Safari sewing project – tho can’t start on it until after the weekend.  So back to my sweater – which I’ve now reached the armholes on.


3 comments on “For the Birds….

  1. Is the black and white one with the red patch on his chest a grosbeak? I’ve never seen one like that before.

  2. We get all the regulars here, but no grosbeaks. What a treat! I was recently dive-bombed by a family of bluebirds learning to fly. The parents are so attentive to their babies.

  3. The colorful birds are always fun to watch. We have 2 bird feeders outside our picture windows too. We get a few goldfinches like in your photos. And we hear the cardinals but don’t actually get to see them very often. They are very shy and not too plentiful around here. Mostly we see house finches, a few woodpeckers, and lots of robins. But the robins don’t hang out at our feeders much.

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