Loopy Legend – Denise’s Gannets

gannet-bird-1366x768  My Loopy Legend yarn has arrived at The Loopy Ewe!

What’s a Loopy Legend – someone who has purchased many many hanks of lovely yarn and reached the award level where you send in an inspiration photo and they have a yarn dyed based on that photo in your name and you get a free hank of it.

Here’s the photo I sent in of a Gannet – I love the shades of yellow and gold on his head and the blue/gray of his beak.

And here’s what Lorna’s Laces did with the dying of the yarn.



I absolutely love it!!  Yes, more yarn had to be ordered  and is on its way to me. I think I will be making a sweater out of this.  I will need to do some swatch to see how it looks knit up – will it pool or not – then again I may just wing it and if it pools so what.  But I absolutely love all the colors in it.

Do you need some Gannet yarn – check out The Loopy Ewe to get your own.


5 comments on “Loopy Legend – Denise’s Gannets

  1. That is quite an honor to have your yarn dyed the color of a picture
    of a Gannet. I have never heard of that kind of bird. It sure is pretty. I am
    originally from La. close to the Gulf Of Mexico and plenty of Bayous. We have
    similar looking birds, Egrets, Cranes. etc They have long legs and a big beak.
    The Pelican is our State bird. It is similar, also have the Herons. Anyway,
    you have some beautiful yarn to work with. I am still trying to figure out
    how you manage to quilt so much and knit such pretty things and still
    go to work ? I envy that you can get so much accomplished. I used to be
    fast. but I am thankful I am still able to do some of the things I know how
    to do. Keep up the good work.

    • We have cranes, egrets and herons here in Wisconsin too. The Gannets have short legs like seagulls but are bigger with over 6 foot wingspan and can dive into the water at speeds of 60 mph – they dive in and catch their fish underwater which is amazing to see. How I get so much done? – well I’m never really idle. I can’t stand to sit and do nothing. If I’m riding the bus to work – I’m knitting; if I’m watching tv, I’m either sewing or knitting — I can’t stand to not have something in my hands to work on. And pretty much those unimportant things …. cleaning, laundry, cooking…. take a back seat to knitting or sewing most days. 😉

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