Showing their true colors


So here’s a better shot of the true color of the curtains now that that sun isn’t glowing behind them.

And I just realized BONUS! — all this curtain fabric used to add to tomorrow’s stash report.

Somewhere I think there’s a piece of fabric that has the same color as the bedroom curtains do that I was going to make pillow covers or something out of so I need to search that out tomorrow and see how much of it I have.  Should be able to do something with it and the left over curtain fabric.  Tomorrow, tho, I think I need to get back to some machine quilting.


And don’t forget – it’s the third Saturday of the month – which means this month’s installment for PatchKats was uploaded this morning so don’t miss out if you are collecting those patterns.


4 comments on “Showing their true colors

  1. WOW! That looks SO different from the earlier picture. Nice curtains (before and after!).

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