Not exactly what I was envisioning

I made my curtain for the sewing room – just quick and easy, pulled out the rings and clips and got it in place.  Dang — I was totally forgetting that with the fullness of the width of the curtain and the loop and hooks it hangs from, that it would sag down along the top and that’s definitely not a look I want on this window.

DSCN4319 Yep – not liking that, so I think my new plan will be to add one of the coordinates I bought of this fabric line (stealing from my  planned quilt so will have to reorder whatever I use), and add it on to make the curtain longer.  Haven’t decided if I want to add to top or bottom but then I’ll add a casing along the top to just slide the curtain onto the tension rod and take off the loops and hooks.  Now to go pull out the other fabrics to see what I might want to use.


3 comments on “Not exactly what I was envisioning

  1. I would add the new color to the bottom like a ruffle and put a casing in the top or use 6 more rings

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