Mission accomplished

DSCN4323  A bit of reworking and I now have curtains – nothing fancy but they definitely brighten up the room.  While the main color looks yellow in my photos, I’ll have to take a photo at night when the brightness (yes the sun actually came out) is not shining through them.  They are actually very very orange and the top section I added is orange, red and yellow stripes.

Actually it is this fabric  and this one.  Actually on my computer monitor they are not quite as bright as real life.  But they most definitely brighten up the sewing room.


8 comments on “Mission accomplished

  1. This looks nice also—-did you use the pillowcase method to make your casing. I did that once when I used panels to make curtains to darken the room. Was a bit tough to pull through as I was using pre-quilted panels.

  2. I really like your curtains, they make a sunny atmosphere, and you are right, they look much better than before !

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