And yet more curtains…..

DSCN4325I’ve been in this apartment at least 8 years (if not longer, I can’t remember for sure) and off and on I’ve thought about making curtains for the bedroom and sewing room.  There are blinds on both windows (well here WERE blinds on both windows – you may remember the frozen blind / breaking blind story) anyway, I don’t know why I never seemed to get around to making curtains – I think part of it was I just couldn’t make my mind up about what fabric to use.    But I’m on a roll.

I can’t remember how long ago I bought the fabric for the bedroom curtains but it’s been sitting and waiting, and waiting and since I finished off the sewing room so quickly, I decided to grab that fabric and figure out what I wanted to do.

Well, did some stitching, pulled out the rod and there they are.  They aren’t quite done yet – I put them up so I could see how much I need to hem them and then they need a good pressing but I like the way they turned out.  You can just see the bedpost to the right of the lamp that shows the painted color of the bedroom furniture below the finial top – the curtains go great with it.

And as my reward for all this sewing since I never bothered to  make lunch  – the delivery guy should be showing up any time now with my dinner.




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