Stashbusting report

I thought I had nothing to report for stashbusting – lots in the work but nothing finished to top stage where I usually count it. But then I glanced up and there sitting on the ironing board is the new shower curtain I made yesterday and just need to add the buttonholes along the top to finish it today.  The bathroom is getting a fresh look.

So add in that fabric used and my numbers stand at:

53.75 yards used year to date

21 yards purchased year to date (I haven’t added in my Camp Loopy Safari fabrics yet since they haven’t arrived – with Camp the next three months, there should be much fabric movement in and out as each project has to be done by the end of it’s specific month).

So year to date net used is:  32.75 yards.

Hopefully this one will be finished to top stage by next week.

DSCN4307  I’ve just got about half the last block to applique yet. These will just get a thin little sashing strip between them.  Not sure yet if it will get a border or if I will be borderless.

One of my favorite blocks (other than the upper left one that looks like knit fabric) is this one.


Critters in their little sleepers.  I have a whole other stack of these cut out  for a boy’s version – lots of bugs and fire trucks and dogs.  Need to gather a few more fabrics for that one.


Happy Mother’s Day!


2 comments on “Stashbusting report

  1. Its interesting at how little fabric you actually used this year. I think about how much is on my shelf! And how many yards I buy when I get a sale on. Keep going and counting. How do you count strips? Add them up I guess. Good for you! This is a cute quilt.

    • How little fabric I used?? I happen to think being able to sew up over 50 yards of fabric in less than 4-1/2 months is very good! Plus there are other projects in various stages that don’t get counted until they reach a certain point – so that’s even more yardage actually stitched up that’s not accounted for. Considering I work full time, normally only sew on the weekends, I think it’s pretty stupendous to have used over 50 yards and I’m more than 20 yards ahead of last year at this time.

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