Bathroom redo

DSCN4311 Well I didn’t get the spring clothes pulled out of the storage containers and the winter sweaters packed away – that was one boring task I had planned to do (but I may need those sweaters yet this week!).  But, I did get the new shower curtain made and put up after – well after too long of wanting to make one.

The camera looks like it got a big dizzy with all those big flowers on the fabric I used and didn’t want to really focus in on it.  The little vase on the toilet tank (which will not stay there because I will totally knock it off when hanging up or grabbing the towel so it will get moved to the sink vanity)– came from my shopping spree at TJ Maxx today.  Tho a bit disappointing and not much of a spree because that was the only thing I found for decorating that I liked there today and usually they have lots of fun stuff.  I never shop there for clothes but if I’m looking for a bit of color or something different for decorating, I can  usually find it there.  The vase, which is sort of a frosted glass, was the perfect color and I found two new sets of towels, and I definitely need to replace some of my towels so they were a good find too.

I still need to put a little something up on the walls – I plan to applique some blocks to put in frames and hang in there using these designs.





8 comments on “Bathroom redo

  1. Love that new shower curtain. The colors are just so springy. I did put the winter sweaters away about 2 weeks ago but wishing I had one today since it is only 39 degrees. Tornado yesterday and cold today – crazy!

  2. I love doing applique, too. Your idea of doing the make-up theme applique blocks and framing them to hang is so cute and clever!

  3. I just love the colors in your bathroom. Very pretty. And your shower curtain turned out Beautiful, but I know what your saying about putting winter stuff away and bringing summer stuff out. But this year in some places you just don’t know which way the weather wants to be.

    • I never get enough quilting time either but for an hour’s worth of time, I have a shower curtain I love since I never find one in the stores I like. Next up are curtains for the bedroom and sewing room.

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