A few changes

Well I did get a few minor chores done but then walked by the computer screen where I still had my Safari design up so I got sidetracked changing things, changing colors, changing things back the way they originally were, etc.

squiggles5There’s a couple fabric placements I may still change but I need to wait until I actually see the fabrics in person.


In the meantime, nine Onesie blocks are now completed and I just finished cutting background fabric for the last three blocks for this first quilt.  Here’s the ones done so far.



Tragelaphus Strepsiceros Quilt

No – my fingers were not on the wrong keys – I really am making a large wall hanging for The Loopy Ewe Fabric Safari Camp loosely based on a Tragelaphus Strepsiceros, otherwise known as a Greater Kudu which is an African antelope.

But that’s now how I started out.  I had a plan to use the fabrics I ordered for sort of landscape – I have some stripes with birds (those would be random strips in the sky) and similar striped looking fabric with animals and trees (random strips along the bottom) and I’d applique some African animal silouhettes – that was my general basic plan along with maybe printout out some actual photographs of African animals and framing them so they looked like vacation/safari photos.  Then my other plan I had been thinking of was something along the lines of African masks.  But I randomly started adding in strips in EQ7 to a custom layout quilt and when I got this far..


I decided that hey – that design made by the lighter colored print (not the stripe) looked like squiggly (highly technical term) 🙂 horns.  Isn’t there an African animal with squiggly horns — a little web surfing to the rescue and meet the Tragelaphus Strepsiceros with the squiggly horns.


Oh yeah — my plan emerged — sort of a squiggly horned animal mask — not made to specifically look like him (when you see my you will note among other things I didn’t add ears to mine) – but my final design was definitely “inspired” by this photo.  I love he white line across the face that makes them look like they had their sunglasses on in the sun too long an then took them off and had a tan line there!

So this is just the general look of what I will be making — the fabric images are not to scale — it’s going to be a large wall hanging about 72″ x 45″ when it’s done and yes – I need to get it made start to finish between June 1 and June 30. Yikes! But then I have been thinking I need to schedule a vacation day or two  soon.

Any way, since Tragelaphus Strepsiceros  is a mouthful, I think I’ll just call this design Safari Squiggles. 😉  There may still be a few tweaks before June 1 on the design (and I had to order just a little more fabric since I ordered before having a project designed) but I think it’s going to be fun to make.  The “traditional” block (you have to include at least one) I’m using is the Roman Stripe which makes up the border blocks and four of them used together make the medallions above and below the Squiggles’ heads.


Now that I’ve spent the entire morning playing in EQ – I need to get dressed and get to those cleaning chores!