Entirely too much cleaning

I have cleaned and cleaned and — okay well my coffee breaks got more frequent and lasted longer as I went through the day but the sewing room is clean, reorganized a bit, and is looking good.  I didn’t get to the sorting through the tubs of tops and blocks that I wanted to do to sort out the ones I plan to get rid of but I’ll save that project for another day.  It’s 10 p.m. and two straight days of cleaning – enough already!  Time to go do a bit of knitting.

Before finishing up in the sewing room I did manage to get these two pillowcases sewn – I love the fabrics in them but they are a gift so I don’t get to keep them.

DSCN4297 Here’s two shots of the sewing room.  I’ve still got a view little items on my table that need to be put away but for the most part I’m done – until next time when I mess it up which is never far away.


I took down the smaller design wall that was next to the window in the first photo and hung a quilt back up there.  And took down all the single socks that were hanging above the ironing board.


The second photo shows the buttons on the wall – I just love them.  Course now I’ve made a mess of the living room since I was swapping out some pieces of furniture between sewing room and living room.  Eventually I’ll get everything straightened out in those rooms too.

New hooks to hang some curtains over that window have been ordered so I just need to decide what fabric to make the curtains out of.  Also need to make a new shower curtain as I never really loved the last one I  bought. Time for a bit of a spruce up around here.