errands errands and more errands – but some fun stuff

I hate having to run errands.  I don’t mind stopping on my way home occasionally  at Walgreens or the grocery store if I’m out of something.  I do that often since I can hop off one bus, both stores are right across the street, and be back in time to catch the next bus 25 minutes or so later.  I had been putting a bunch of errands off so today was the day.  I had to cancel out on a day of sewing with a friend because there’s just too much piling up lately and I haven’t had time to do them (and there is no where for us to work in the sewing room anyway since I have a project spread everywhere — spring cleaning that room is on my list for this weekend — it needs a thorough going over.)

I took off work about a half hour earlier than usual last night (the bosses were gone and it was, for a change, a rather nice day outside, and it was one of those Fridays where you get to the point you just can’t start one more project).  I stopped two places on the way home so actually got home later than normal but that crossed two things off my list of tasks for today.  I was up at 5:30 doing a few things around the apartment, then breakfast, grocery shopping, stop at the quilt shop, stop at Hobby Lobby, even remembered to  buy new bus tickets, but dang –  didn’t remember to go to the bank.  Oh well, the bank was the least pressing errand and will wait until one day next week when I feel like going for a walk on my lunch break.  So, back home and its after lunch time so my morning is gone.  Still two places I need to stop but I may save those for tomorrow.

I did find a few things while out on these errands that I was not looking for but picked up because they were just too fun.

DSCN4275These buttons – they’re not just your little average buttons — they measure about 8″ across!  Part of the incentive to give the sewing room a good spring clean — I’m going to do some redecorating in there.  The smaller design wall will come down (since it’s next to the window and it’s “window opening” season when no matter what I put on that design wall blows off) and will hang a wall hanging or quilt in its place for the time being.  But these buttons will go up on the wall somewhere.  I just love them.


The other item I was not looking for but managed to come home with me…. well remember my line of single socks ..DSCN4128.

Yep that’s them.  I’ve got several other items I’m currently knitting including some other socks (and spring/summer is not really when I knit a lot of socks) so I’m not going to get to the mates of any of these soon (and some I’m not going to make mates for at all) so decided to put a quilt back up on the rack where the socks are clipped (once I figure out where to put all those red ribbons) 🙂 and the socks will come down.

So when I found this

DSCN4273I simply had to buy it!  The little black clips are attached along the bottom to hang socks on.  I’ll hang the socks I don’t intend to make mates for (most of the colorwork ones that turned out too small) and they’ll have a place to hang where I can still enjoy them even if I can’t wear them.  Haven’t decided yet where I’ll hang this up.

And yes some fabric did come back with me from the quilt shop.  I’m appliquing a baby quilt – the blocks look like “Onesies” and I needed some cute prints for them so I’ll show those later.

Okay – back to work, things to do and places to go.


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  1. You got a lot done for a Saturday. I can relate to working all week & having the errands & chores for the weekend. I love your Lost Socks idea, I did think the clothes line was real cute though. Where in the world did you find those buttons?! I love them!!!
    Lisa in Alabama

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