Errands complete

Whew – except for that going to the bank thing, finished off my other two errands this afternoon, got back cleared off the sewing table, and now that I’ve loaded the dishwasher, did the laundry, none of that food I bought at the grocery store has hopped into the oven on its own so I think  — hey pizza guy!   My order is placed as my reward – tomorrow I shall cook but not tonight.  While I wait for the pizza – I’ll continue in the sewing room.  Must take advantage of the mood to clean and reorganize when it hits because all to quickly it can disappear. 🙂  and I’ve come up with a plan to move one of the tables out of the sewing room back out into my living room so we’ll see if that works.

But – before taking them off the design wall, here’s how far I got working on my PatchKats blocks this past week.

DSCN4276  All my “black kats” are finished!  They look sort of black and white in that photo but here’s the fabric they are actually made from – the flash washed it out so the colors are a bit more vibrant but it reminds me of glass headed sewing pins and hand stitching lines  – which seemed quite perfect for this quilt.




The last photo is when I was putting up Kat heads to decide which one I wanted in which position (necessary to do so I know which way the kat body/tail has to point).  I wanted a photo before I took them all off the wall so I remember which kat fabrics go next to which.