PatchKats – 2nd revision to cutting instructions

I hate this when it happens – I was working ahead on my blocks and found a second error.  Sorry – wasn’t until my pieces weren’t fitting together correctly that I realized what I had done.    So I’m going to put both corrections in this blog post (in case you missed the previous one and so that they are all together in one place ) and I will update my general Errata Page.

So the first correction, which I posted earlier today is in cutting the “Kat” pieces – see the highlighted change below.


The second change is to the background pieces labeled [J].   See the highlighted correction below.  The link to the download for March April from the PatchKats page has been updated with these two corrections.


I’ve rechecked for the millionth time the remaining pieces and all looks good — this is why I always add extra to the yardage requirements — just in case.  Now to go rip apart the section I just sewed when I noticed the background error.


4 comments on “PatchKats – 2nd revision to cutting instructions

  1. Thank you for the revision but one comment about the format. When I print the new instructions, the Yellow Highlight blocks out the text and you can’t read it at all. I penciled it in but if someone isn’t aware of the change, they won’t know that there is anything there unless they read it through completely on line.

    • Kathy – it must be a setting on your printer that is causing it to black out. I’ve seen it printed from four different computers to four different printers and it looks just like on the screen – text is readable and it has a yellow highlight over it.

  2. Just questioning, “The link to the download for March from the PatchKats page has been updated with these two corrections.” When I go to the page it says the March download is no longer available.

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